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Interview with Marco Baiocchi

Just over a year ago the Rebranding North Kiteboarding - Duotone was announced.
Many argued that it would have a destructive impact, was that it?
Or has the storm passed and can we finally say that it was a further stimulus?

No one could imagine what would have happened, surely it was a risky move even if inevitable. After a year we can say that our CEO had seen it long, not only did we confirm our leadership, but we were able to increase sales by 20% on an annual basis. The DUOTONE brand is by now known by all and appreciated by many, the quality and the products that have distinguished us in the last 20 years are still here, the only variation they have changed name, but they continue to make you have fun at sea every day that eolo gives us smiles .

In 2011, in an interview on our blog ( those interested can read it here ) you talked about the surfini revolution that allowed the kiters to share the line up with surfers and the race that was then in full development also in view of a possible participation in the Olympics. Today, after 8 years, the new revolution comes from hydrofoil. How does Duotone see the future of Hydrofoil?

We have just launched a complete range of Hydrofoil, which covers the needs of all foilers out there. We are convinced that this branch of kiteboarding will grow even more in the future, above all in the recreational and playful aspect of the segment. Other is the Olympic speech, a good and right thing for sport, but that has little to do with the everyday kiter, we are convinced that the freeride base of the discipline is what establishes the good health of the sport, all the extremisms , from Race all wakestyle they serve to give credibility and image, but without the free rider, the sport would not hesitate. For this reason our Hydrofoil range is aimed at those who want to have fun at sea with few knots, stay active is our mantra !!!!

As for the kites, on that occasion you told us that you thought we had already reached maturity with regards to the shape of the wings and the challenge for the future was on materials. You said "try to imagine what could happen if we could get 1 kg off our kites ....." Did you succeed in these years?

Exactly, I firmly believe that the future of our beloved sport is all about the introduction of new materials. Weight reduction is the most important aspect and will be the challenge for the future. We have so many new features in the pipeline and if the R&D process will soon meet the deadlines, all of us kiter will be able to see and touch the most important evolution of our sport from the introduction of depower and 4-wire kites !!!!! ! Stay tuned ... ... ...

Can you tell us a little about Duotone sails? What is the best-selling model? And how has it evolved over the years?

The most sold kite of the Duotone range is the NEO , the image of this wing is very strong also because it is the kite chosen by the reigning world champion Airton Cozzolino, the wave movement in the kite is a big slice of the market and the Neo is without doubt the best kite for use in the waves. Lately, even freestyle strapless is on the rise and the Neo fully meets the needs of the most avid freestyle. Over the years, the Neo has been improved step by step in pure Duotone style, with small adjustments and adjustments that have contributed to improving the important way of drift and the range that today is practically the widest in the range. In 2020 we have lightened the kite by 5% compared to the previous year, further improving the drift and the agility / reactivity of the wing.

Duotone has 4 Foil models. Would you explain the differences between the various models and which is the most suitable for those approaching this discipline for the first time?

Let's start with the spirit freeride which is our entry level for what concerns the price, it is a foil suitable for beginners, but also for freeriders, great for learning and at the same time for progressing in sport.
The spirit Carve is a foil with full carbon wings, our engineers call it "maginc Wing", the range of this foil is amazing, easy to use early, but at the same time more high speeds, just enough to scare you! !!!!
The spirit Surfinstead, it is aimed at that audience of freestyler foilers who prefer small kites, mainly sailing strapless and who do not consider speed a must-have. Excellent for all types of maneuvers where the rider's imagination is the only limit.
The GT spirit is our fastest and most efficient foil, while remaining accessible and easy to use, with this foil the speed limit is only in your courage !!! Finally we have in the range also a high-end race full carbon foil, the Daytona, this foil is aimed at that niche of racers who want a product without compromises, both in performance ... and in quality.

The novelty of the summer 2019 is apparently the Foilwing: what can you tell us about this new toy?

Exactly, the Foilwing started quietly this spring and then exploded during the summer months. It's a new way to enjoy the sea, the feeling is that of the Surf-foil, but with the advantages of having a wing in your hand that facilitates balance and glide. The down wind is pure enjoyment, it also defends itself with light winds (a minimum of 12 knots is required with a 5m wing), but the surprising thing is that it is very easy to learn and within everyone's reach. Given the premises and the question we have these days I think we can already safely talk about the birth of a new discipline.

And the new Academy APP? Who should download it? Pro riders? Beginners? What can you help them with?

The new app is for everyone, it is a great tool for beginners, but at the same time, even for experts, I won't hide the fact that I and my riders use it all the time. According to many, this app is the best tool to improve and progress in our sport, I highly recommend downloading it to everyone !!!!

( Here the link to download the Duotone App )

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