Guide to flea markets, groups and used kitesurf shops

Have you decided to change your used kitesurf? Great! Then you just have to sell your sail and kitesurf board and find the best offer for your new kitesurfing gear.

Yes but where? In the store? Posting ads on flea markets? On Facebook?

Many beginners do not really have the slightest idea where they can find used equipment and end up discouraged by the prices of new equipment. When you are a beginner, unfortunately it is not easy to disentangle yourself in the kitesurf market and when you open a market the risk is to get lost in the thousands of ads without being able to find what you are looking for. My advice is to first of all get a clear idea of ??PRO:avoid negotiations between private individuals that are often inconclusive and also avoid encountering bad surprises, perhaps due to your inexperience, given that even in the case of purchase of used material you will have a certain guarantee (variable in terms of time and modality depending on the material and surf shop) but still almost always present). Furthermore you have all the new material you want and you will not be spoiled for choice.
CONS: Generally the assortment of material used in a store is not endless, so it is not certain that you will be able to find the opportunity you are looking for. Also, if you want to buy used equipment, you should know that the surf shops do not always accept the used for the purchase of other used material. 

The alternative to the trustworthy store is the online classifieds market. There are many websites to buy and sell used kitesurfing material, but the most popular ones and on which we have personally had a good response (in terms of business concluded), can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Our advice is therefore, from experience, to put your ad of sale of your kite on more than one, if not really on all, also in consideration of the fact that publishing an ad for a private person is always free . Eventually, once the announcement is published, it is sometimes possible to subscribe to small subscriptions to give it more prominence, but it is not mandatory.   

2. Adessokite

The website is undoubtedly a reference point for selling and buying used kites (but also kite boards, accessories, etc.). This is a sector market that is a site where individuals and companies can post purchase and sale announcements. Adessokite is very popular and therefore it is possible to find everything, for better or for worse. If you have no idea what is right for you before throwing yourself headlong into the ads, I suggest you read up ...

3. kitebazar foillia

Foillia has been active for many years and its market is still one of the most popular, especially by the people of the no pump, but not only. 

4. Market

Obviously we could not not mention our market ... after all we are necessarily a bit biased! On the market of Tabularasa it is possible to find announcements of sale of sails and used kitesurf boards published by private, but also announcements of equipment put on sale by shops, including new material but of the past seasons and therefore at strongly discounted prices. In addition to kitesurfing material on the market there is also a section dedicated to surfing.

5. e Kijiji 

Subito and Kijiji are not local markets but online platforms for buying and selling ads between private individuals. Here you can sell and buy everything and therefore also your used kitesurf.

However, websites and physical stores are not the only options available to us. In the era of social networks it is inevitable that facebook will also become a useful tool to sell and buy used kites ... and facebook is not the only social media that can meet us, but let's see in detail how.

6. Facebook: Marketplace and groups

Facebook, the best known social media, is without doubt an excellent showcase for those who want to sell their used equipment, and therefore it is easy to find excellent opportunities too. On the other hand we must keep in mind that not everyone has a facebook account ... For example, if I think of my kiters friends, I must say that a good part is not on facebook. Does this mean that it's not a good place to post your ads? Absolutely not, but I advise you to publish them on other sites too, in order to increase your chances! 

The Facebook Marketplace is the new Facebook application for buying and selling ads between private individuals where it is possible to sell and buy everything, like on other platforms type From the moment of its publication it has immediately been a great success for which it is already rather full of announcements from the kitesurfing sector.

An alternative to the Marketplace, but without leaving Facebook, are the Groups . On Facebook there are really a lot of them, some linked to a commercial, others more extensive. Some are closed groups, others are open groups. I point out two particularly active ones:

KITESURF portal - new market, used, travel and kite advice

USED ??Before buying a used kitesurf sail or a kite board used by a private individual if you do not have enough experience, I suggest you also read our guide to how to choose the kitesurf material used with our advice and the most important aspects to check first to proceed with the purchase.





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