where to do a kitesurf course in Tuscany: addresses and tips

With the arrival of summer, did you feel like learning kitesurfing? Great. My advice is obviously to start attending a good kitesurf course because it is the most effective way to approach this sport (if you want you can read kitesurfing how to start: 10 things to know to learn kitesurfing ).

Here is the complete list of all the kitesurf schools in Tuscany that  are really many, so you will not be spoiled for choice.

My advice is, unless you already know an instructor who has your full confidence, to contact a couple and talk directly with the instructor. If you have the opportunity to attend a lesson, look at the spot in which he teaches and try to choose the school that seems best suited to your needs .

In addition to this you can for example check if the school you want to attend belongs to some organization or association. The most common are IKO and FIV :

IKO International Kiteboarding Organization is the leading international organization specializing in the teaching of kitesurfing 

FIV The Italian Sailing Federation is an Italian federation headed by CONI and is recognized by Sailing Words

Kitesurfing schools in Tuscany

This is the complete list of all the kitesurfing schools of Tuscany, proceeding from north to south

Oasi del Mare Villaggio Tirrenia is the water sport Village of Calambrone, Tirrenia. A Village with holiday apartments, swimming pool and of course a beach equipped for all water sports from sailing to kitesurfing with equipment storage, exit channel. The FIV Kitesurf basic course is structured in 4 lessons for a total of about 6 hours.

Hoasy Surf Shop is the shop in Via dei Cestoni 61 in Livorno. The surf shop organizes IKO Kitesurfing Courses. The basic course is structured in 5 lessons, one of which is theoretical and 4 of practice. Lessons are held in Calambrone or at Spiegge Bianche.

Livorno 3 Windsurf Windsurf Center The Surf and Sup Windsurf Center is located at the 3 Ponti beach in Livorno. The center organizes various activities, including courses for children. The kitesurfing course is held by FIV and IKO instructors and consists of 5 lessons, one theoretical, one with a kite trainer and 3 lessons in the water.

WK Surf Center Vada The Kitesurf and Surf Vada Windsurf center is located in Rosignano Marittimo, on the famous white beaches. The center offers a storage service as well as surf, sup, windsurf and, of course, kitesurf courses. The kitesurfing course takes place in the sea with a rubber dinghy. 

Zona Kite is one of the very first Tuscan kitesurfing schools, founded by Zack as far back as 2000 on the white beaches of Rosignano Solvay. The school is recognized by Coni and offers various packages to approach kitesurfing, including special offers for children under 17, families and girls. The school also offers Hydrofoil courses. To find the best wind conditions, the courses are performed not only at the white beaches in Marina di Donoratico, San Vincenzo, Piombino, Calambrone.

InKite is the FIV kitesurf school by Massimiliano Piccinetti based in Rosignano Marittimo, white beaches. The courses are held on the ground and with a rubber dinghy. The kitesurfing course for beginners is structured in two packages of 3 hours each, or after the first 3-hour module it is possible to add individual lessons or outings with a support boat.

KiteWell is the kitesurfing school of Achille Neri, IKO instructor, based in Cecina. In the summer season the school is based at the Lillatro beach resort in Rosignano solvay. At the white beaches of Vada, while in the rest of the season the courses take place throughout the Etruscan coast, from San Vincenzo to Livorno according to the weather conditions.

SPOT 1  is the windsurfing, surfing, sup and kitesurf school located in Le Gorette in Cecina on a beach with a beach bar and where you can also hire sup and dinghies. Kitesurfing courses are held by IVF instructors. The basic course is structured in 3 lessons for a total of 6 hours and can be attended even in small groups of up to 3 students.

Florence Kite is the kitesurf school born from the passion of four friends in pursuit of the wind along the Florence - Pisa - Livorno highway. The Kitesurf Florence Kite school is IKO accredited and conducts its lessons along the Tuscan coast, choosing the spot from time to time based on weather conditions. The school offers various personalized packages to get closer to kitesurfing, including special kitesurfing approach packages for children from 6 years upwards.

SurfRelax  a name that in our part is linked to the history of kitesurfing. It was born back in 1998 thanks to two friends Michele and Roberto as a surf and kitesurf shop. The kitesurf school, one of the first in Tuscany, was born shortly after and is now active on two main spots: at Puntone di Scarlino in Follonica and at Km 26.6 in Castiglione della Pescaia. The boys of SurfRelax will guide you on a mountain bike tour in the morning and a kitesurf course in the afternoon in one of their two equipped kitebeaches. 

PSK The Professional kite school in Castiglione della Pescaia is located on the equipped beach between Castiglione and Marina di Grosseto and is an IKO Academy or courses to become IKO instructors are held here. The school offers various packages to choose from according to their needs and attitudes. All courses take place on the splendid beach of Castiglione della Pescaia. The school also offers equipment rental services.

Kites Angels Beach  kitebeach on the beach that goes from Castiglione della Pescaia to Marina di Grosseto, near Fiumara. The school offers courses held by IKO instructors strictly individual and not in groups. The basic course lasts 6 hours and is naturally adapted to the needs of the student.  

Kite Beach Fiumara  on the beach of Fiumara near Marina di Grosseto: large dedicated beach and special exit channel. The school offers courses in sailing, surfing, sup and of course IKO and FIV kitesurfing. The courses can be individual or in pairs (maximum two students per instructor).

TWKC Talamone is the Surf, Sup, Windsurf and Kitesurf school founded in 2002 in the bay of Talamone, an exceptional kitesurf spot in southern Tuscany. The school offers customized packages to approach kitesurfing with individual or group lessons with IKO and FIV instructors. The packages can be of 5 lessons, 9 lessons or 14 lessons for a full immersion in the sport.

Hibiscus is the Talamone windsurfing and kitesurfing school of the Hibiscus Surf Shop which also provides rental services not only for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing but also for mountain biking, surfbikes, rafts and more. The basic kitesurfing course includes 6 lessons, but you can also choose a full immersion of 9 lessons and various advanced packages.

Kitetrainer  IKO kitesurf school founded by two instructors Marco and Emanuele in Talamone, in the splendid scenery of the Maremma Park. It is possible to choose between basic or complete to become completely self-sufficient. In addition, individual lessons are available.  

Le Lycan is a French kitesurfing school based in Brazil in the winter season and in Tuscany, in the Talamone bay in the Summer period. In addition to kitesurfing courses, it offers paragliding courses.


Are you impatient and would like to try to get closer to kitesurfing before attending a course, or would you like to burn the stages and learn and progress faster? You could consider a kite trainer: a small kite with which to get familiar on the beach, without danger. Read this article on kite trainers for kitesurfing





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