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10 Italian destinations for your kitesurfing holidays

Here is a list of 10 spots for kitesurfing in Italy, even on vacation. Yes, because with the arrival of the warmer months many people approach kitesurfing, or resume the bar after the winter break and many are thinking about a vacation in our country that puts the girlfriend in agreement and possibly gives the possibility to do some exits. Here is a list of 10 spots that have in common, in addition to the possibility of finding a summer sale, the beauty of the place and therefore the possibility of making a nice kitetrip. Obviously the list excludes many valid spots, but still tries to touch all the regions of our country, or almost.
Ah the order is more or less random ... it is not a ranking!



Castiglione della Pescaia is a Toscno spot ideal for a holiday. The Maremma and the beach of Castiglione are perhaps among the most beautiful in Tuscany, ideal for a holiday with the family but also with friends. Castiglione della Pescaia is also a commercial that I am very fond of because for years I have frequented it assiduously, especially in summer when it offers exceptional thermals, which is why I quote it first. In Castiglione della Pescaia there are actually several spots, all indicated according to the km of the state road that runs along the beach. Famous are the 26 km run by Surf Relax , a surf shop and relative school among the most famous in Tuscany and the 31 km where there is another equipped beach managed by the boys of Kite's Angels Beach. The beauty of Castiglione della Pescaia is the endless beach, the clear water that slopes gently, the pine forest behind the beach. In the evening then the village of Castiglione della Pescaia is the ideal destination to have fun, including aperitifs and cafes. 
As for the conditions, Castiglione della Pescaia is the summer spot par excellence. Here the temperature also blows over 20 knots. At sea here is a freestyler's paradise, but obviously also for beginners. Those looking for waves instead it is useless for them to come to these parts in the summer. Different speech in winter, when several surf surf spots also work.


One more spot in Tuscany. The Talamone spot is one of the most famous in central Italy. Very popular with those who live in Rome or Florence, Talamone is a great choice if you are looking for wind in summer in central Italy. Talamone is a small town in the Maremma, south of the Uccellina Mountains. A medieval village whose fortress overlooks the Argentario Gulf. Here every summer the thermal is almost a certainty and reinforces the winds that blow from the mistral more frequently in summer. Sandy bottom and shallow, flat water make talamone the ideal spot for all beginners as well as freestylers looking for a body of water in which to train.
On the spot there are very famous schools like TWKC and MKS


Porto Pollo is THE SPOT. Located in northern Sardinia, between Palau and Santa Teresa, those arriving in Porto Pollo for the first time can only be fascinated: dozens, perhaps hundreds of sails on good days that color the sky. In the background, a breathtaking landscape: crystal clear water, a very white beach, the smell of Mediterranean maquis in the air. This is the beauty of Sardinia. Porto Pollo is actually made up of two bays, two half-moons of sand formed by the strip of land that connects Sardinia to the small islet in front. Windward and downwind windsurfing and kitesurfing, schools, bars, relaxation areas. But Porto Pollo is not only famous for the beauty of the spot. This is also one of the windiest spots in Italy and perhaps in the entire Mediterranean. Here the wind that is channeled into the mouths of Bonifacio often blows at 30 knots and beyond and with a frequency of Brazilian commercials. Even in summer, when in most of the Mediterranean there is little more than a breath of wind here it happens to sail with 20 knots.
In Porto Pollo you won't have any difficulty finding an excellent kitesurf school. Among the best known we can mention the Kitesurf Village and the Sporting Club Sardinia .

Of course Porto Pollo is not the only spot in northern Sardinia, although it is probably the windiest and the most loved by freestylers, while wave lovers prefer spots like Marina delle Rose.


After Porto Pollo, in the north of Sardinia, I could not fail to mention the southern area of ??Here are idyllic spots featuring dazzlingly colored beaches that really have nothing to envy of the Caribbean. The bay of Porto Botte (Giba) and Punta Trettu (San Giovanni Suergiu), near Sant'Antioco, is ideal for kitesurfing, especially with the Mistral winds that enter very well here and can blow very hard. Punta Trettu above all, thanks to its shallow water, is a very suitable spot for beginners and chosen by many to start kitesurfing. The KVS Kitesurf Village Sardinia is the local school that offers courses, assistance and everything you need on the spot

Not far away I cannot fail to mention the wonderful beach of Chia which works well with winds from the south and east. Here among other things there is the Tribal Surf school of our dear friend Libero. Unfortunately, however, in the summer in Chia you can go out only with the support boat.


Kitesurfing in the salt pans and windmills in Sicily is an exciting experience, but it's not just the magic of the place that attracts dozens, even hundreds of kiters here from spring to autumn. The natural reserve of the stagnone is undoubtedly one of the paradises of kitesurfing in Italy. The stagnone is a lagoon open to the sea in just 2 points halfway between Marsala and Trapani. Inside there are salt pans with suggestive windmills. The thermal here blows almost every day (we talk about 300 days useful for kiting in a year), with an average intensity of twenty knots, easily reaching 30 knots. Shallow water, shallow water, lagoon conformation. The stagnone is a natural gym perfect for freestyle and for beginners where you sail with winds coming from any direction.

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If you are looking for a spot in the south of our peninsula for your summer holidays, Gizzeria is certainly a destination to consider, as this is also an extremely windy spot during the summer. The statistics speak of over 90% probability of finding at least 14 knots. The spot of Gizzeria is characterized by the huge long beach, very wide and without any danger, usable even in summer because it is not crowded with bathers. In the summer here is the thermal to lord it, but also the perturbations of passage on the peninsula can give some beautiful exits in kite.
The perturbations from NW and SW can also give rise to beautiful waves, although more often it is very difficult to surf shor tbreak.
A Gizzeria the Hangloose beach will assist you in everything: from kite to aperitif!


The Salento is undoubtedly another excellent destination for the summer holidays, able to agree kiters and escorts / escorts not kiters. Porto Cesareo is the most famous spot of Salento. Work well with S to ONO wind. It is also a very varied spot because in the south of the country there is the Strea lagoon with flat water, ideal for freestyle lovers, while in the north of the country, in the large bay, the spot offers both a wave formed on the rocks 200 meters a wide, that flat water inside the bay. Especially during the weekend however the spot can be very crowded and in summer it can be off-limits. For this reason, depending on the period, the locals move to other less frequented spots by swimmers like Torre Mozza.
Torre Mozzait is a spot not far away, always on the Ionian side of Puglia. This stretch of coast benefits from unique conditions in Salento: thermal wind 15/20 knots ONO, few people, flat and shallow water: ideal for courses and freestyle lovers!
For more info you can visit the site of the locals of Salento


The area of ??Crystal clear waters, Caribbean beaches, great food and hospitality, Vieste is an ideal destination for relaxing holidays where those who are not kitesurfing will not really complain ... including the wind that makes a pleasant stay on the beach in sunny summer days. 
Here there are more than one spot and there is something for everyone: from flat water spots like Spiaggia Lunga, perfect for beginners to wave spots like Capo Vieste where the north winds up beautiful surfable waves.
Here too there are plenty of windsurfing and kitesurfing schools like the Gargano kitesurf school .


I wanted to include in this list also a freshwater spot, although I am not particularly fond of navigating on lakes, the charm of Lake Como cannot be denied. Chosen by many VIPs and American actors for their luxurious Italian residences (maybe you meet George Cloney while you change to get in the water!), But also by international windsurfing and kitesurfing athletes. On Lake Como spots are different, but the most viable in the summer are those in Colico area where among other kite schools abound as Hastakite our friend Fabio.

If you prefer to spend your holidays abroad, here are the 5 best destinations for a kitetrip in July and August , medium range and low cost.

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