Autumn surf trip to the Canaries

I recently returned from our 10-day surf trip to Lanzarote from late September to early October. On the skin I still have the sign of a tan and in my mind the memory of perfect waves and glassy and of the crystalline colors that the island has given us is still vivid. 
This was not the first time in Lanzarote. If I have to be honest, I've lost count of the times I've been there, but it was the first time in the fall. I have been to Lanzarote many times in July and August, when the wind is blowing hard and Famara is invaded by kitesurfers. Many times I have been to Lanzarote in April and May, when the wind begins to blow more decisively and is often accompanied by very respectable swell, residues of the past winter season. And I've been to Lanzarote, as well as to Fuerteventura, several times even in December and January when the swells can be huge and the winds often blow violently even from the south east.
For this reason, before arriving I thought I knew well what to expect, to know the island well in all its nuances and in all conditions. I was wrong.

Lanzarote in the fall was an unexpected surprise for me.

Lanzarote in September - October is the perfect destination for a surf trip with all the ingredients you usually look for when you start with the surfboard, namely: hot, little wind and, of course, waves.

The heat was the real surprise.
Not that in Lanzarote in the other months of the year it is cold, but it is difficult to enter the water without a wetsuit, even in August. In summer very often the wind accumulates clouds right above Famara beach, on the slopes of Risco. Strong winds and clouds mean that the days can be cooler than what one would expect, not to mention the water that even in summer is pretty cool and always requires at least one wetsuit. In winter then the temperatures are even cooler and, although they always remain decidedly pleasant, they are certainly not those of the Caribbean.
After accumulating heat throughout the summer, the ocean water is incredibly hot in October, so that you can safely sit in costume. The days are clear, the sky is cloudless and the sea is often completely glassy. The air is warm, with temperatures that can easily exceed 30 ° during the day, and remain high even in the evening.

During the 10 days of our vacation we found quite varied conditions.
As soon as we arrived we received a rather small swell but with a good period, while the wind was completely absent. The long beach of Famara for a couple of days has become a huge playground with easy and amusing long right and left sides, which only got worse with very low tide. I simply could not have asked for better to try my new table and get comfortable!

The following days a larger NW swell entered
When the waves are over a certain extent it often happens that the beach becomes impractical: powerful double head bombs that are hardly open with that measure, rather they are mostly close out, so much current and too much, too much foam. In these conditions those who have the necessary level move to San Juan or to the Saint , while those like me who are not up to it, wait for the right moment to bathe near the pier, where it is often more sheltered and practicable.

Towards the middle of our holiday, a bit of wind arrived .
Probably it was more than anything else thermal, due to the great heat of those days. For three or four days, punctual towards the lunch hour, a beautiful breeze stretched between 15 and 20 knots that accompanied the waves of those days gave us the opportunity to have a lot of fun with kitesurfing. Making surf in the morning  and kite surfing in the afternoon is simply a dream for those who love both of these sports! A gift even more appreciated because completely unexpected given that no forecast contemplated it. But then, if there is one thing that is unreliable in the Canaries is the wind forecast! 

The last few days the wind has completely subsided and the sea is back glassy giving us back small, long and funny waves, especially at sunset that it had found to coincide with the half-full tide, so as to make us admire from the water the red sun fire setting between the two volcanoes in the direction of the Saint. 

The balance at the end was 10 days out of 10 surfing, with many days of excellent sessions both in the morning and in the afternoon. Certainly not all the days were memorable, often there was a bit of a breeze to disturb the waves, some days it was really small, others too big ... but in the end the autumn is confirmed as an excellent time for surfing to the Canaries.

Different speech for kitesurfing . Autumn is the least windy time of the year in Lanzarote, as well as in Fuerteventura. This does not mean that it is impossible to find a bit of wind, but if you are planning a trip exclusively for kitesurfing, I would exclude Lanzarote at the beginning of autumn. The average of wind days is generally abundantly below 50%. If, however, as in our case, you are looking for a vacation in which to combine surfing and kitesurfing, possibly in the heat, not too far away and with a really small budget, then Lanzarote in late September / early October is really a great option ... and the it is even more if, like us, you travel with your family perhaps with children, even children. 


Where to stay: Famara is undoubtedly the hub for surfing and kitesurfing. The island is not large and with a car from Famara it is easy to move to all the other spots on the island. Famara offers two different solutions: apartments in the center of the village or bungalows on the long beach. The Surf Houses in the village are also very popular and are the best solution if you travel alone or with friends. Here are some of  our favorite accommodations in Famara
In Famara there are no hotels or resorts ... if you are looking for a solution in hotel formula I recommend Puerto del Carmen, a very pretty and lively tourist town in a fairly central location and therefore convenient for getting anywhere.

 I recommend you also read this article with some ideas for  activities and excursions to do in Lanzarote  when you are not in the water, even with the whole family, including children.



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