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kite freeride - freestyle with heart wave

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Size: 8sqm / 10sqm

Test conditions:  various days with strong winds (from 24 to about 32 knots) libeccio and waves from the small chop to the head.

K1 Odo kiteboarding 2020 features

The K1 is the most versatile hybrid kite between the two ODO kiteboarding models. For those unfamiliar with this all-Italian brand , I recommend you read our interview with the founders of Odo Kiteboarding of some time ago. ODO K1 is a very versatile all-round kite with excellent power management. A clean and simple three struts design. A kite designed to be responsive and direct. 

The sail fabric is in C3 RIPSTOP, the third generation of this innovative fabric, which gives the kite lightness and resistance.

Bridles and lines have a thinner diameter than most other brands, while maintaining a breaking load of 450kg. ODO uses this type of lines to avoid windage which is nothing more than the resistance that the lines exert when they are dragged against the wind. You know that noise that lines make when the wind is really strong ... here in fact during the test we never heard it !!
The pulleys are in high resistance titanium. 

The QUICK VARIO bar  represents the concept behind all ODO kiteboarding production well: simple, extremely functional, solid and at the same time very light. A single bar with the possibility of splitting between two different widths (53cm / 46cm) so that it can be used on the whole line of sails.

The k1 has adjustment on the Pigtail backs: Soft - Medium - Hard.
SOFT: lighter kite on the bar, turns faster and tighter, softer power delivery even on loops.
HARD: Kite more present on the bar, more precise and better feedback, powerful rotations and aggressive loops. Ideal setting for jumping.

External one pump system with fast inflation / deflation and a relief valve on one side of the sail to deflate the lkite faster.


As soon as the kite takes off, k1 transmits light and precise pressure on the bar. You immediately feel a nice direct feeling also thanks to the excellent power management: pull the bar and feel the power increase, release the bar and cancel the traction ..
The feeling that it sent us was immediately of confidence. Knowing at all times where the kite is and where it is going thanks to very precise feedback makes you seem to have always used this kite. The perception of power is very soft and gradual, even the response to commands is direct and fast. By moving the kite you can feel the power that is released but always with great lightness. 

The  stability  in the air is remarkable as well as the management of the burst is very good. We could also detect the complete absence of fabric waving, hissing or rustling . Despite the wind in some moments it was really strong and gusty. 

In pace the k1 has a rather central shot, but still ensures a nice upwind.

The k1 is a kite that moves very fast in the wind window. In the loops it turns nice tight and fast giving a nice soft push ...  Kiteloop and downloop deserve a nice positive note because they manage to deliver power without being too aggressive.

We really liked the jumping behavior and we talk about both twintip jumps and strapless freestyle. The k1 gives you a nice boost when you reverse it or even simply when you pull the bar, but never excessive and always very controllable. The k1 has proven to be an excellent kite even in pure wake style power jumps. Stable remains where you leave it and very permissive. 

The lift is not comparable to that of other kites dedicated to jumps, however the great handling and predictability of the k1 help a lot in the jumps and here we refer not only to the old style jumps but also to some unhooked maneuvers where it remains nice and firm in the strapless . 

The k1 is a fast and responsive kite that in wave riding is appreciated above all for this as well as for the excellent power management and the ability to foil. The always prompt and precise response to the commands make it easy to have the kite always where it is needed, while its stability in the air forgives a few too many errors that can happen when you surf with waves and wind in the same direction as often happens in our spots. The k1 at the end compensates with speed, ability to foil and stability in the air that rather central shot that generally does not help surfing with back winds. 
In any case, very comfortable even strapless.

As for the  wind range , both for the 8 and 10 we found that the High end is truly remarkable. A little less the low end. It is not a kite that starts very soon, but on the other hand, also thanks to a respectable depower, when the wind increases you never feel the need to return to the shore to take the smaller kite and even with the strongest gusts it remains always super manageable.


We tried the k1 with both twin tip boards and the strapless surfboard and it convinced us in both cases. 

In conclusion, the K1 has proved to be a multipurpose kite, fun and permissive, easy to ride and with an immediate feeling even for beginners.
What we liked most was the direct response to the commands and the truly remarkable depower. We liked the low end less because even at 10 you need a little wind to have fun and jump.
Ultimately a really well-rounded kite that can satisfy riders at all levels but above all who love to do a little bit of everything from freestyle to wave. 


Here are some impressions of other kiters who have tried it with us: 

"Sail all do that forgives mistakes. Excellent immediate feeling. Good power management." Marco

"The sail is very good and is very direct, but I'm used to sails that pull a lot and I would have needed one or even two measures above to appreciate it better." Angel

 "I really like the feeling on the soft but precise bar. It is not very powerful but it foils well. I immediately found myself very well. I tried 10 and it is faster than the vast majority of kites I have ever used, and I like this a lot! " 3Pinne

Thanks to Odo Kitebaording for the availability and collaboration.


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