Outride Surfskate

The surfskates designed for surftraining by Alessandro Servadei

Alessandro Servadei is now known as the surf training guru through surfskate. Some time ago we talked to him about how he uses surfskate in his surf schools and what advantages this type of training offers to surfers of all levels ( read the interview with Alessandro Servadei here ). Today we decided to let him introduce the surfskates that he designed specifically for his workouts, but which of course we can all use.

These are the Surfskates born from a collaboration between Alessandro and Outride , an Italian manufacturer of surfboards, sup and which already produced surfskates. From this meeting, 3 new models have been born for the moment, to which in the very near future others may be added.

I wanted a Surfskate that could replicate exactly the same sensations as my surf on the asphalt. Of course I was already using the surfskates of various brands such as Carver, Yow, Smoothstar, all skates that go very well, but on each model I always had to make some changes to make it more in line with my needs. That's why I felt the need to do something different and luck wanted me to meet Outride where they were really very willing to go along with my projects and achieve exactly what I had in mind.

To start we thought of 3 different models, but which share some common features, such as large wheels, Abec 9 bearings and soft bushings.

The truck we developed is very similar to Carver's CX, because this is one of the best in my experience. Compared to Carver with our truck we managed to obtain different radii of curvature and we mounted some softer bushings in order to give a very soft feeling and a nice very soft rebound. Even the rear truck has softer bushings because obviously the final result also depends on that.

The wheels are 75mm and therefore are larger than most surfskates around. The 75 wheels, together with the abec 9 bearings, give these surfskates a lot of inertia, great smoothness and acceleration capacity. The result is an extremely pleasant and comfortable cruising, because it absorbs vibrations. One of the sensations I wanted from my surfskates was that of silent sliding, which occurs when you draw your lines on the water or on fresh snow. 
Despite these wheels the deck is not higher than that of the competitors thanks to the deep flares that serve precisely to keep it low and not need risers despite the large wheels ..

Concave deck to offer optimal support and improve skate response.



This is the smallest surfskate in the range. A right mix between cruiser and surfer, a perfect walking board to be used in the city because it is easy to carry around and turns in the strait. When I designed it I thought of a tool for surfing the city and snapping every corner. From cycle paths to parking lots under the house, to roads closed to traffic. This is a surfskate made for fast and powerful pumping, with very tight curve radii and super carvings, but always maintaining the right relationship between stability and reactivity, so as to remain simple and intuitive. 

The Surf Your City is also a surfkate very suitable for beginners because it has a tight curve radius that is easy to use even by those who have to perfect themselves in pumping. It is also obviously perfect for those who are not very tall, kids etc. 


The Easy Ride is the most versatile surfskate in the range. A Surfskate with a fairly narrow curve radius but also enough support to allow you to have fun anywhere, in the city and on flat as on structures. The Easy Ride is a surfskate created for short board lovers who are looking for simple and at the same time radical surfing. Its shape helps to exploit all the inertia generated during the maneuver both on the flat and on the lip, allowing you to chain an infinite number of turns, going from deep bottom to round re-entry, always maintaining stellar speeds. 


Easy ride 32

€ 225.00 -7%
€ 209.00

RIDE FISH 33 1/2

The Ride Fish is the board dedicated to power surfing. Thanks to its length and the beautiful wide nose this surfskate responds well on the vertical like few.
By trying this board the first impression is to surf with a modern, agile and light Fish with performances very close to the shortboard, while still maintaining the comfort and flow of a retro board. The Ride Fish is a very multipurpose surfskate that gives its best on all those structures similar to the waves from which you will come out in fast round house cut backs and powerful re-entries. The pronounced nose kick twinned with the Diamond Truck will help you close radical reverts without ever losing contact with the board.

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