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Our favorite surfskate and carving models

Skateboarding was invented to allow surfers to practice their sport even in the absence of waves, so the surf-skate pair is certainly not new. Many surf schools regularly provide skate lessons as a complement to intermediate and advanced surf courses. "Skating has the great advantage of allowing you to train regardless of the conditions and allows you to repeat the movement until it becomes an automatism. In water it is not so obvious to take 10 waves in a session, and even if you take as many maneuvers you can do on With skateboarding, this problem does not arise with skateboarding, so we can show the movement to the allies and easily correct them until they perform it correctly "explained Alexander of Lanzarote Kite. " Furthermore - he added - I believe it is essential for those who do not live in places where there are waves every day, because our body needs to memorize the movements and repeat them. The more you repeat them, the more natural they will be in water, when everything runs out in seconds ".

For many years now, some skate companies have specialized in the surf skate industry. But what exactly is a surfskate? This is a skateboard with a particular truck that allows you to emulate the movement of the surfboard on the water, in particular pumping, thanks to a rotation on the horizontal axis .  However, not everyone agrees that it is only possible with this type of skate to train in the surf. Many prefer to use simple carving-oriented long skates. Clearly a lot depends on the sensations you are looking for and on your style even on the surf ... as well as from the wallet!

How should we choose our skate length? There are various factors to consider including your own weight and height (generally taller riders choose longer boards) and their own skill (shorter boards tend to be more suited to more radical maneuvers). However these are not rules. The most important factor to keep in mind is what we want to do with the table. Short boards are very fast and easy to handle. As the length increases, pumping stability and speed also increase. The Long boards are more stable, they are used for fast pumping but also very fluid. The lonk skates can't turn very quickly, but they have a higher top speed than shorter models. Normally they are more difficult to use to start experimenting with stationary pumping,

So here is our selection of complete skateboards for dry training: we have included both the famous surfskates and the more traditional longskates. Choose the one that's right for you and have fun !.

1)  Flying Wheels Complete Skateboard MOHAVE 34 ''  The Mohave 34 '' is an intermediate length skate suitable for carving, but long enough to allow you to take even the first steps by dancing on it.;

2)  Longboard JUCKER HAWAII MAKAHA LIMITED  The JUCKER HAWAII Pintail Cruiser Longboard "MAKAHA" is one of the most popular longboards on the market. We have chosen it in the bamboo version which, besides being very beautiful, is also more reactive and lively. It is a 42 "longboard with soft wheels, suitable for every asphalt, perfect for cruising and carving, very easy and fun. A Longskate with excellent performance and excellent value for money on which you can not only train yourself in carving but also to walk on the board (cross stepping, hang ten, nose riding). If you are a longboarder this is your skate.

3)  Surfskate Glutier Trip 30.5 ''  Glutier has been developing surfskate since 2007 and is one of the leading companies in the sector. This is a very handy and responsive shorboard with a truck optimized for pumping and rail to rail.

4)  Surfskate YOW PUKAS - THE LOCATION 33.5 "  This skateboard is the result of an authentic exchange between Pukas and Yow. Developed taking as a reference the LOCA, one of the most popular surfboards of Pukas, shaped by Alex Lorenz. A surf skate born to suit you in the most radical tricks Fast on the turn, La Loca is a skate that turns really tight.

5)  Carver USA Resin 32.5 ''  Carver is perhaps the best known brand in the surfskate world. The USA 32.5 '' is a short board complete with CX4 truck carver. This long wheel skate is born to offer stability to taller or heavier riders. The result is a carver that maintains a fast trajectory, which draws soft lines on the asphalt with extra stability. His deck is designed to facilitate rail-to-rail transitions. The CX truck gives the board a more agile performance with a lighter frame. These features make this board an ideal choice not only for riders a little bigger than a kid's size, but also for those who are not skate experts but want a board to have fun and train for surfing even in the city.

6)  Carver Channel Islands Pod Mod 29.25 ''  The collaboration between skateboard and surfboard manufacturers is nothing new, this time the inspiration comes from the famous Pod Mod is one of Channel Islands' top models. A shorter and wider board than a normal surfboards that is easy to handle and perform. This surf skate is inspired by this concept of surfboard for a fun, permissive and super handy result. c5f33f7b12fe & pd_rd_w = ed0YS & pd_rd_wg = hNjkA & pf_rd_p = 37660d27-94f1-4ebe-be01-184b332a9b15 & pf_rd_r = 4DEMX7B7MX29V8KP073S & psc = 1 & refRID = 4DEMX7B7MX29V8KP073S

A little clarification: if you have never been on a skateboard before, know that it is never too late to start. With the skate, you quickly become confident and progress quickly. Take only a few precautions. In my opinion, hand protection is essential. For the rest, start strictly flat or with a slight slope, not downhill. First of all, learn to jump down if the skate takes too much speed ... and don't be ashamed even if you're a little bit over the years and look at you weird ... all envy!

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