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How our made in Italy decks and complete surfskates are born and how they go

Pesce Rosso 31 and Onda 32 are our two surfskate decks handmade in Italy and for a few days available on our online store to be bought both only and complete decks.

In this crazy year of surfskate explosion and great logistical difficulties (if you don't know what we're talking about take a look at our post on why everything is out of stock ) we happened to come across good craftsmen who have been producing their decks for years. here in Italy.
Convinced that dependence on China can no longer be sustained at the same levels as the pre-pandemic, we decided to start favoring the sale of surfskates built in Europe, Yow first of all and we started looking for surfskates made in Italy.
As we went deeper and deeper into research we happened to find a lot of quality surfskates, but each time there was something we wanted different ... a tighter, wider wheelbase, a different concave, better grip, different wheels ... who like us is passionate about boards knows what we are talking about: the more you try them, the more you want to try others. And here in the end, we inevitably wanted to make our models!

We talked about it with one of the artisans who have been making longboards and surfskates in Italy for many years: Algal boards . Behind the Algal brand there is Alberto, a very available guy with experience and passion to sell with whom there was an immediate feeling and who made himself available to create our shapes. We liked many things about Algal, first of all the indisputable quality of the raw material rigorously made up of 7 layers of Canadian maple glued, crossed and pressed by Alberto himself.

It was not a short process

From the beginning it was clear that we didn't want to make an infinite range of models ... the idea was to start with two or three and then eventually add them later. But choosing among the infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes was not easy.
However, there were some basic characteristics that were important to us and that should have united all the models.
First of all, we wanted surfskates that are easy to use and fun.
Secondly, they had to be surfskates, not cruisers or anything. What was important to us was that when you climbed on them they had to give a clear surf sensation, which could recall a speedy type of surfboard.

Tre projects

The first step was to draw on the computer the models we wanted to make.
Surely one had to be a surfskate for tablet surfing training, perhaps on a ramp or on artificial waves ... this would become the Wave 32.
On the other models we were more undecided. We would have liked something relaxed, but which obviously also performed well in surf training.
At that time Sergio had bought a new surfboard, a nice slightly retro fish 2 and his idea was to bring back the feeling that that board gave him in the water on wheels.

We had Algal send us some raw material to do our tests. In practice, rectangles of pressed Canadian maple layers, with different concave, on which to make our templates based on the projects made on the computer.
And at this point we realized that in reality something is not always exactly as imagined and designed on the computer. We redesigned the decks by moving the wheelbases from cm to cm until we found exactly the feeling we had in mind. We made some changes to the shapes, lengthening, shortening, trimming.

Each time taking the time to try them again and understand if what we had under our feet corresponded to the idea in our head.
It has been a long process which has resulted in several prototypes, some of which still need some work. Two of these prototypes are the ones we decided to produce because at the end of this process they came out exactly how we wanted them.

Onda 32

Onda 32 is a surfskate with a short wheel base, pronounced concave and double kick. The fairly narrow base wheel of just under 17 inches which results in a responsive, agile surfskate capable of very tight turning and super easy to pump and accelerate.
The wide deck offers the right support from tip to tail, for training in surfing both flat and on ramps, artificial waves etc. 


Onda 32 - surfskate deck

€ 99.00 -10%
€ 89.00

Pesce Rosso 31

The pesce rosso 31 surfskate is an intermediate wheelbase fish. A skate suitable for all levels from beginner to expert. The 18-inch extended wheel base, the very wide tail that gives good support despite the fish shape and a good width across the board ensure stability and good support under the feet.
We thought of this surfskate inspired by the concept of fish surfboards and so we designed this multipurpose surfskate for a linear and fluid ride.

The deck has a rocker on the tail and a slightly pronounced concave because this surfskate is designed to move the feet and be used with different stances. The beauty is to try different foot positions to get different sensations, and above all to try a tighter position, just like if you were surfing a fish, placing the front foot where the widest part of the board ends.
But of course it's not just an experienced surfboard. Its measures also make it extremely easy and also suitable as a first surfskate.

Truck and components

Once the decks were completed it was a matter of choosing all the other components, from the truck to the wheels. As far as we are concerned, we have always loved the simplicity and feeling of the Cx type trucks. Few complications, extremely customizable feeling and excellent value for money. We had no doubts about this type of truck, as well as the fact that the bushing should have been soft.
We also had no doubts about the bearings. This is an essential component because quality bearings can make a difference. This is why we have chosen to use the Bones Reds which offer the best combination of performance and durability and not surprisingly are the best sellers.

As for the wheels, however, the point is that they should be chosen keeping in mind the bottom on which we want to use them. For this reason we have decided to give the possibility to choose them when ordering but always among excellent quality wheels such as the Cinetic that we like very much or others similar.

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