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The first sprinkles of snow arrive on our mountains and here the urge for some rides in the mountains is immediately rekindled. If you're looking around to buy your first snowboard, you'll probably be confused already ... A lot of terms you don't understand and dozens and dozens of models and brands to disentangle. A jungle! Even if you're not a beginner, but you're not up to date on industry news, changing your outdated snowboard for something more fun may not be so simple. 

To give you a minimum of basic information in order to better untangle you in your research, we have written this brief guide on everything you need to know to choose your snowboard .

In addition we have selected 10 of the models with the best value for money and the best features for beginners and intermediate snowboarders looking for an all mountain board capable of making them have some fun in all situations. We didn't list any super-performing or top-of-the-range boards. In our ranking you will find the best entry level and intermediate snowboard models that fully satisfy the needs of most snowboarders, even good but who don't surf as much as they would like and when they are on the snow they want a board that allows them to do some all ... having fun.

So here are our 10 favorite snowboard boards for men, for beginners and intermediates.

1. Snowboard Ride Agenda 2018/2019

Probably one of the best options for a beginner.
A 100% TwinTip with perfectly centered stance. This is the most recommended shape for a beginner, and the Ride Agenda is just like that.
With a 3/10 Flex (so rather soft) the Ride Agenda also has what it takes to be flexible, which is soft enough to be handy and fun.
The Ride Agenda has a Flat to Rocker profile which means flat profile in the central part which then becomes rocker. This profile combines the advantages of a rocker and a camber with the result of a very manageable and fun snowboard that does not dance and keeps well even at higher speeds. 
The insole is extruded so not very fast but very durable and easy to repair.

The Ride Agenda in conclusion is a great 2 in 1: a perfect first snowboard for any beginner but also a good freestyle board for budget-conscious riders.
List price € 350.00 96e8dd48e282d9a8cbb0e78e7a0e51ea & language = en_US

2. Snowboard k2 Standard 2018/2019

If you are looking for an easy, permissive, fun AllMountain board, the K2 Standard certainly has all the qualities you are looking for in your new snowboard.
The K2 Standard is a very versatile directional Freestyle board that does not disdain a little fresh and off-piste. 
A very permissive Flex and a Rocker in the contact points of the edges and a plate in the center, make this snowboard one of the most manoeuvrable and multipurpose in circulation. 
A good construction with lamination of wood and fiberglass combined with a fairly fast slab make the K2 Standard not only a perfect board for beginners but also for intermediate riders who will find themselves under a table that responds well, soft but not mollacciona, in short, a good way to progress and have fun while remaining within the budget. In fact the other good surprise of this table is the price, among the most attractive in circulation.
List price € 339.95 psc = 1 & 1

3. Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2018/2019

Burton Ripcord is more than a beginner's board. It is one of the best quality / price choices for freeride and fresh lovers. You will hardly be able to find better at this price to surf off-piste.
The Ripcord is a directional snowboard, with a very soft and rocker flex. Its reverse rocker makes it very easy, manageable and fun, as well as difficult to send back under. 
Good also the insole that makes it a fairly fast board.
Now we come to the negative aspects. The Ripcord is not for you if you like going down the track at full speed or if the bottom is hard and icy. Of course he gets along, but he definitely prefers fresh snow. 
As for the jumps, it has a good boost, even without being astonishing. Being very soft it does not behave badly in Jib parks, while it is definitely not a pipe table.
List price € 340.00


4. Snowboard Nitro Prime Toxic 2018/2019

The Prime Toxic is Nitro's proposal that is aimed at all riders who will find in this All Mountain snowboard a board that stands out for stability on any terrain.
The Prime is a directional board with an intermediate flex and flat Camber in the middle. These features translate into handling and grip on any terrain, from the park to the backcountry. The Prime is a board whose purpose is to accompany the rider in his progression, on the track as well as in learning new tricks in the park. Not just a board for beginners, therefore, but a perfect snowboard for intermediate riders looking for a board to have fun in all conditions and progress quickly.
List price € 335.00

5. DC Focus Snowboard 2018/2019

One more True Twin with Rocker and intermediate flex. The DC Focus has all the credentials to help a beginner in the progression from the first corners to the first tricks. 
The Rocker (flat under the attacks) makes this board very playful, fun and manageable. The Focus is a reactive board, indulgent, quick to pass from one edge to another and difficult to send in a backlight.
All with a beautiful resistant sole and above all easy to maintain. The ideal companion for fast progress.
List price € 349.00


6. Snowboard Salomon Sight 2018/2019

An All Mountain entry level board with performances that are anything but low profile, this is the Salomon Sight. A board for which Salomon has not skimped in technology with the result of an easy and permissive snowboard that stands out for its lightness and with which you can really do everything, from descents at full speed on the track to off-piste excursions and some park tricks.
Intermediate flex, progressive quadratic sidecut for precise curves and drawn with the compass. The Sight is a twin-like board which means symmetrical point and tail but a slightly backward asset. Twin-like boards remain manageable in freestyle and in switches, but also offer better float in fresh. 
Its profile is a combination of Rocker-Camber-Rocker, in practice a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of different profiles.
The excellent grip at all speeds is an asset of this board, unlike many of its entry level competitors that tend to run away or be poorly managed when the speed increases.
List price € 369.00

7. Snowboard Yes Basic 2018/2019

Yes Basic is without a doubt one of the best freestyle boards - All Mountain that you can find in circulation without breaking the 400 €. Far from being a basic board, this snowboard has everything it takes to have fun on any terrain and make fast progress.
The Basic is a pure twin tip with centered stance and intermediate flex.
Its profile is a mix of Camber + Rocker: camber profile in the middle and rocker on the tip and tail which translates into great stability, even at high speeds and excellent handling, as well as a bit of extra buoyancy. 
All this translates into a reactive board, which pushes to every ollie, big in the park and in the pipe as well as in jumps in general. With these features it is easy to understand that Yes Basic is not only a great board to learn, it is also a great freestyle board for intermediate and even expert riders: fun, precise, responsive. Certainly some flaws must have it ... Yes Basic does not shine in speed or in fresh, although it allows to make some excursions in off-piste cavandosela with dignity.
List price € 399.99

8. Snowboard Arbor Foundation 2018/2019

A quality entry level snowboard with style to sell. This is the Arbor Foundation. An all mountain directional twin with a wood core built to meet the needs of most riders on any terrain, offering always precise control.
The parabolic rocker assures safe control of foil on every terrain even at high speeds.
The flex is soft and the board is flexible and easy to handle. The extruded insole is very durable and easy to maintain.
The Foundation is a very versatile All Mountain snowboard that really suits most riders, even those who don't mind a bit of off-piste.
To underline the attention of Arbor for our planet that is reflected in the choice of wood from certified plantations, for its tables ... you will not continue to destroy forests by buying this table.
List price: € 399.00

9. Snowboard Rossignol Templar 2018/2019

The Templar is the All Mountain - freeride dedicated to intermediate snowboarders of Rossignol. A snowboard with camber in the middle and rocker on tip and tail. 
The Templar is a directional board with intermediate flex softer on the nose and progressively more rigid on the tail. Definitely stable and precise. The Templar is an excellent freeride ideal for those who like to go down fast and surf fresh but also want to have fun in all other situations and don't want a board that is too rigid.
Equipped with a very fast sintered sole on all types of snow.
List price € 440.00

10. Snowboard Gnu Asymmetric Carbon Credit 2018/2019

The Gnu Carbon is an asymmetric Twin Freestyle that is very fun and technologically advanced. Its main feature is the asymmetrical shape: different shape for the posterior and anterior lamina because our heels do not work like our tips. This shape makes the curves easier. It also mounts the Magne-Traction system which consists of a particular serration of the edges for an exceptional hold on any terrain. This snowboard has a rocker area between the feet and a light camber just out of the way, to ensure full control and contact in all conditions. The rocker helps float and hold foils, improving carvings and adding power. The camber increases pop, stability and control.
The medium-soft flex makes the board fun and ready to give its best in jibbing and freestyle.
The core is in FCS certified poplar wood.
List price € 435.00


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