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Lanzarote is an ideal destination for kitesurfing whether you are a beginner or an experienced waverider: excellent wind statistics, quality waves, endless beaches and very few people both on and off the water. To all this add that Lanzarote is a near and cheap destination and that's it. The first time I set foot in Lanzarote was the summer of 2009, and it was love at first sight. Since then I have been unable to stay away from this island for more than six months and have lost count of the times I've been there, in every season and for shorter or longer periods. Hard to say precisely what brings me so often here: the ideal conditions for kitesurfing are the main reason, and since I started surfing, the reasons have doubled, but it's not just this ...

Kitesurfing spot in Lanzarote


The Famara Beach is THE kitesurfing spot of Lanzarote. Certainly it is not the only one, but it is certainly the most popular and the one with the best conditions and greater frequency of wind. The cove of Famara is a bay about 7 kilometers long that extends from the famara village to the Risco mountain to the north. . 
The wind that generally blows from the north-east is channeled right along the mountain, accelerating on the beach and then blowing side on. It is mostly about the trade winds that touches its peak in July, but it also blows during spring and winter, usually calming down from September to the end of November. The waves follow an almost inverse trend as the largest swells generally arrive in autumn, generally from the west or north, however significant swells can reach the island also in the other months of the year. Summer is the period in which waves are generally less consistent.
In Lanzarote the difference between high tide and low tide can also be 2 meters and this means that radically different conditions and scenarios can be found on the same day. With low tides the waves are steeper but generally lower and less powerful, while with the full tide the waves become taller and softer. For beginners it is generally advisable to choose low tide times. 
The beach of Famara is the base of several kitesurfing schools that here have all the space necessary to teach kitesurfing without danger. Even in the water there is no obstacle, there are no rocks or reefs: only endless beaches. Furthermore wind and currents tend to bring beginners back into the bay, so there are no significant hazards. The waves represent the only difficulty for beginners at the first edges, however in summer it is also possible to come across completely flat moments.

More or less in front of the kitesurfing area, not too far from the shore, but not enough to create discomfort, there are some emerging rocks that can be reached with some edges. Around there it is not uncommon to come across flying fish and on clear days it is difficult not to be impressed by the colors of the Risco diving into the ocean. 

The northernmost point of the beach, called the papelito , is my favorite with regard to colors and landscape: a secluded and little-used oasis where water takes on colors from turquoise to emerald. Moreover often here the waves are smaller, at least near the shore, so if you are a beginner this is the perfect place!


When the wind blows from East to Famara it is often impractical and it is better to move to the opposite coast of the island. Playa Honda, the beach near the airport is probably the best option with east wind. Here you will find flat water and a huge beach.


When the wind blows from the east Arrieta is a viable alternative to Playa Honda. The beach is quite large and pretty and generally flat. On the spot there is a very nice chiringuito to drink or eat something on the sea at sunset.


Costa Teguise Los Charcos is a spot frequented by windsurfers and reserved only for the most experienced kiters because the conditions under the shore are always very gusty. What's more, there are rocks and reefs that make the spot even more difficult at low tide.


Matagorda is a beach just north of Puerto del Carmen. It works mainly with east wind which can also be reinforced by the thermal. It may be that here you can get out when the wind is too low elsewhere. Being close to Puerto del Carmen it can be a little more crowded than the other beaches.


This is a NOT official spot in the sense that the kiters are not very well accepted by the locals here as it is a surf and windsurf spot. It is also a spot for experienced riders only. There is no beach. The exit is complicated and occurs from the reef. Attention also to the sea urchins and the wind that is under the shore. Once out, however, it is a truly quality wave spot.

Best time for kitesurfing in Lanzarote

The best season for kitesurfing in Lanzarote runs from spring to summer , with July top month. Even the winter, however, often offers excellent conditions, ideal among others for those in search of waves as well as wind. In general, in summer you will find more wind and smaller and less powerful waves, in winter large and powerful waves but less wind frequency. The period to avoid for a kite trip is autumn from September to the end of November. Learn more about weather conditions and the best time to kitesurf in Lanzarote here .

Where to stay in Lanzarote

Caletta di Famara is without doubt the most comfortable choice for a kitesurfing holiday in Lanzarote, because it is located directly on the main spot, that of Famara. In Caletta di famara you can choose between an apartment for rent or a Kite Camp (or surf camp). If you are traveling alone or with friends, or even if you are a couple who wants to meet other people during your holiday, the kite camp or surfcamp are without doubt the best solution. You can have a shared or private room in a house with spaces shared with other kiters. Surf camps are generally run by local kitesurfing schools, so by choosing this option you will also be in direct contact with a school that can give you all the information and assistance you need.
If you prefer to have more privacy, there are plenty of apartments in the village of Famara or the bungalows, the houses directly on the spot. Here are some of our favorite accommodations in Famara (the ones we usually stay in).
What you won't find in famara are the hotels. If this is the accommodation you are looking for I recommend Puerto del Carmen. Puerto del Carmen can also be an excellent solution if you are traveling with non-kiters. It is a tourist town just over half an hour from Famara and in a rather central position on the island of Lanzarote. From there it is easy to reach any island location with a rental car in no time. Also there you have all the comforts and some night life. In Puerto del Carmen you will have no trouble finding hotels or resorts: just go to booking or the price comparison you prefer. 
I do not recommend instead to stay in Playa Blanca because although it is a very nice tourist town, it is a little more uncomfortable to move around and visit the rest of the island, being right in the far south.

Kitesurfing on La Graciosa Island

A visit to the island of La Graciosa is mandatory from Lanzarote . There are various ways to reach the island. The main one is by ferry from Orzola, but it is also possible to organize a water taxi directly from the small port of Famara. In this case, however, the berth is usually at the beach of Risco, in Lanzarote and from there to the Graciosa you make the crossing with the kite. If instead you choose the ferry, once on the island you can kitesurf in different beaches and above all you can return to Famara with the mythical downwind in the open sea ... a unique emotion when you pass the shadow of the Risco mountain and the sea under your feet is so black that it gives you the creeps! For the info you can read some of our reports like this of the Gretosa kitetrip or contact Luis della Graciosa water experience.

Excursions to Fuerteventura

From Lanzarote you can also visit the island of Fuerteventura . The two islands are very close and are connected by two major ferry companies that run every hour. The crossing takes just half an hour. If you intend to transport the car with you, you should know that you must notify your rental company first because unfortunately most do not offer insurance coverage if you are transporting the car from one island to another ... and if something should happen to you from the other part are pains! One of the companies that allows it is currently Cabrera Medina. However, inquire first!

How to get to Lanzarote

Lanzarote is easily accessible from Italy. There are various Low cost companies that connect Arrecife airport with the main Italian airports. I usually fly with Ryanair from Bologna, but there are also other alternatives. For example, when I don't find cheap flights from Bologna to Lanzarote, I fly from Pisa to Fuerteventura and then I reach Lanzarote in half an hour by ferry ... and maybe I even do a few days in Fuerteventura, another island I particularly love.

Car rent

A car in Lanzarote is essential to move freely between the spots and visit the island, and it is essential if you have decided not to stay in Famara. In fact you can possibly do without it if you stay in Famara and maybe book a camp that also includes travel, however given the decidedly affordable car rental prices in Lanzarote I do not recommend giving up the car. Consider that a week of renting a small car generally costs less than € 100, but there are often offers around € 70. My favorite companies are Autoreisen , Cabrera medina and Payless . Check which one has the best offer and book.

I also recommend reading this article where you can find some ideas for activities and excursions to do in Lanzarote when you are not in the water, even with the whole family, including children.

Where to eat in Famara

A famara in recent years have exploded restaurants of various kinds. Many of these often change management so it is not easy to know in advance where to eat well, but there are some that are now institutions and going to eat in these means going practically on the safe side ... then for those more new council of give an okkio to the last tripadvisor reviews!

Hamburgueseria : perhaps the most popular for a quick and cheap meal. Despite the name here, not only Hamburgers are eaten but above all many Tapas. The prices are really low and the dishes unpretentious but not bad.

Sol : a good seafood restaurant overlooking the famara marina. The puntillas and the pulpo a la gallega are excellent. Even the paella is not bad at all, or you can enjoy a grilled fresh fish. 

CSC : a restaurant where you can eat tapas and some fish dishes. Unfortunately the management changes often and the result is ups and downs ... ask info to someone of the place about how it is currently, if you can. In good seasons we eat really well at prices that compete with hamburgeseria.

For breakfast instead you can not go to the croissanteria El Tertulia , in the main square or from JMC Cafeteria of the local Surf champion that offers the best smoothies in the area.


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Ho incontrato il kitesurf nel 2002 ed è subito stato amore. Qualche anno dopo mi sono avvicinata anche al surf. Quando sono in acqua sono felice e se sei su questo sito probabilmente sai già di cosa sto parlando. Ci vediamo in acqua.


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