the 5 best surfskate of 2020

Features compared and low cost alternatives


Surfskates are increasingly popular and not only among surfers looking for a way to train even on flat days, but also among snowboarders, skaters looking for something different and among those who had never approached them. to the SK8 before. And of course, given the growing success of surfskates, there are more and more brands that offer them, and consequently orienting yourself in buying the right surfskate is increasingly complicated because Surfskates of different brands have different characteristics and therefore offer different sensations and performances.

What is a surfskate

The surfskate is a skateboard with a truck designed to perform a dynamic push (pump) in a way very similar to what you do in surfing when trying to gain speed, for example to overcome a slightly loose section of a wave or when you try to gain the necessary speed for a maneuver.

The front truck is therefore the fulcrum of the surfskate, allowing very tight corners, rotations, carving etc. Each brand interprets the truck and consequently the resulting movement in a personal way ... it will then be up to you to choose the one that with its movement gives you the best sensations for the similarity with surfing, with snowboarding or for the feeling it transmits to you.

Here is a rundown of the main surfskate trucks, from the Carver C7 (the first and original surfskate truck) and Carver CX to the other systems of Miller, Smoothstar, Yow and Slide.

Before going into our 5 favorite surfskates, the ones we recommend you buy in 2020, we think the Carver trucks deserve a little parenthesis: the C7 and the CX because they are, like it or not, the yardstick for the others, those which make us say "This surfskate looks like the CX, while that one looks more like the C7" and if we don't know the differences between these two, it becomes difficult to make comparisons!

In fact, Carver is undoubtedly a leading company in the surfskate sector, as well as being the first to design a truck of this type back in 1995. For this reason we believe it is important to take a closer look at their system, indeed their systems . Yes, because today Carver offers two trucks dedicated to surfskate: the C7 and the CX. 

Carver C7 e carver CX

Carver C7

The Carver C7 truck is the surfskate truck par excellence, the one from which it all started. The version on sale today has naturally improved and made even more performing. This is a two-axle truck that not only increases the turning radius but allows you to create increasing speed with pumping. The movement of the skate carvers that mount the C7 truck is very soft, fluid and progressive. Its movement is now considered one of the most surf styles and for this reason it is one of the most used trucks in surf training. It is also very popular with longboarders.

Carver CX

The Cx truck is basically a truck that belongs to the Reverse Kingpin type. The CX is defined as hybrid because it combines the characteristics of a surfskate in terms of radius of curvature with greater stability and lightness. This makes the skate carvers equipped with the CX system more suitable for speed and some maneuvers in the skatepark. The CX is more suitable for those with a more snappy style, which we could define as a tablet in the surf or comes from a "traditional" skate

And here is our little guide to the top models on the market, the 2020 news and the most bought and appreciated classics, without forgetting some economic alternatives for those who want to try without committing too much.


1. CARVER Surfskate Resin 31 C7

Choosing a model among the many of Carver is not easy. If you want to get a better idea of all carver surf skate models read here
Among all here we have first chosen one of the most iconic and loved models, as well as perhaps the best-selling in the world. The Resin 31 is an intermediate sized board that fits most riders and lends itself well to any style. Combined with the C7 truck this surfskate is ideal for those looking for a fluid and smooth carving, for those who want to cruising but do not mind a few sessions in a pool. If you are unsure which one to choose, I recommend that you first take a look at our guide to choosing a surfskate. 

Measure: 31 "wheelbase 17

Carver skate

Resin 31

€ 309.00 -3%
€ 299.00

2. CARVER Surfskate Promodel YAGO DORA SKINNY GOAT 30.75 Cx

With a length of 30.75 and a wheelbase of 16.75 in combination with a deck with a very deep concave, the Yago Skinny Goat is a really super reactive and fast surfskate, perfect for those who love powerful and aggressive surfing. This is the ideal surfskate for all aggressive surfers who want to train in cutback, snap, and other tabletop maneuvers. It goes without saying that such a surfskate is recommended with CX trucks and absolutely non-concave wheels, otherwise you will not be able to slide.

Size: 30.75 "wheelbase 16.75

3. Slide surfskate Fish 32 Marrajo 2020

The surfskate slides are perhaps the most disruptive novelty of 2020. During 2019 they have become increasingly appreciated primarily thanks to the excellent value for money, but also thanks to the feeling they offer, truly remarkable. This slide surfskate model has a length that allows a comfortable step. Wide nose to offer a nice support to the front foot and fish tail. The Slide Fish Marrajo 32 '' surfskate is great fun both for street cruising and for trying cutback maneuvers. The graduated kicktail allows you to perform very tight turns in can surf radical.

Slide Fish 32 is a stable and very fun board for riders looking for a model that allows you to perform tight turns, but also to improve balance and generate speed.

Measure: 31 "wheelbase 17

4. Surfskate Yow Pipe 32

YOW stands for Your Own Wave and the name already says a lot about these surfskates. The truck mounted on the Yow skates is the V3 and is available in 2 versions: S4 or S5. The difference is in the spring they mount inside: S4 is good for light riders and children, S5 for riders over 50kg, but not only. The S4 is a more mobile truck than the S5 so it's fine if you're more experienced and if you're looking for a more radical feel from your surfskate. For novice skaters or heavier riders much better the S5 because the S4 will be too much of a dancer .... Yow skates offer the possibility to adjust the stance according to your preferences: more reactive skate and suitable for aerials (narrow pitch) or more suitable for wide and fluid carvings (large pitch). The special feature of the Yow truck is that it can be locked simply with a screw. 

The surfskate we have chosen is the YOW Pipe 32 A simply beautiful model inspired by the classic shimmering board by Gerry Lopez. The result is a snappy surfskate, suitable for emulating powerful rides. The graphics, I assure you that it is beautiful from life and despite the deck in the same color also very resistant.

Size: 32 ″ x 10 ″ x 18.5 ″ WB

5. Surfskate Triton Blue Horizon 31"

Triton is actually a Carver line but more "low cost". The Triton is a great option for those who would like a Carver surfskate but don't feel like investing a significant budget. The Triton skate is fitted with Carver's CX truck and is therefore an excellent choice to save some money without giving up the characteristics of a truck carver. The Blue Horizon has almost identical measurements to the Resin and is therefore a very versatile sk8 and suitable for everyone.
The CX Triton is slightly different from the CX Carver and is more responsive and rigid.

Alternatives lowcost:

Would you like to try a surfskate but don't plan on spending all this money on it? There are economic alternatives. The important thing is not to expect to have a professional skate like Carver & Co in your hands, spending just over € 50. Better to let it go? It depends. If your budget is not high and you can't find a decent used one and you want to try to get closer to the surfskate starting to have fun every now and then even the cheap alternatives can be fine ... at least to start. After that you will evaluate yourself.

Surfskate Decathlon

The Oxelo Carve 540 Longboard is a surfskate proposed by decathlon for just under € 100. In pure decathlon style it is a product with a good value for money. Solid, functional, without too many pretensions but perfect for those who want to try a surfskate on a budget. 
The truck resembles the CX, albeit with some differences. Even tightening it, in fact, it always remains a little softer and above all it fails to return the same thrust (rebound) in pumping. 
Measurements: 32.60 "(83 cm) x 9.76" (24.8 cm).

Surfskate Oxelo Carve 540: € 98,99


Surfskate Sport Plus EZY

Molti lo definiscono la copia cinese di surfskate più rinomati. Il pro è senza ombra di dubbio il prezzo e anche il movimento tutto sommato non è male. Il contro è la misura perchè 70cm sono solo 27,5 pollici, quindi è un po' corto come surfskate per un adulto, ma se volete far divertire un po' vostro figlio spendendo poco può andare. Inoltre i materiali non sono fra i più resistenti. Insomma, senza tante pretese può andar bene come primissimo surfskate o per un ragazzino.

Waterborn Surf Adapter 

Are you wondering if your old skate can give you the same sensations, perhaps with some small upgrades? Well the good news is that they have already thought about it and there are adapters on the market that can be mounted on practically any skate, between the board and the truck, to transform a traditional skate into a surfskate. The bad news is that these adapters aren't easy to find in Italy, but thankfully they are available for international shipping on

And now that you've chosen your surfskate, all you have to do is start training by watching these 5 surfskate video tutorials for beginners that we have selected. Now there are no more excuses !!!  

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