Il wingsurfing è il nuovo sport che sta spopolando e ha sempre più appassionati? Perchè il wing è il modo più facile per fare foiling! Se non lo hai ancora fatto devi assolutamente provare. Il wingsurfing è davvero per tutti, anche bambini. Contattaci, ti consigliamo l'attrezzatura giusta per iniziare e un buon corso per divertirti subito. E nel frattempo leggi i nostri post.

Why is everything out of stock?

What happened to the skate industry and beyond

Are you looking for a new surfskate or a new surfboard, wing or kitesurf but can't find anything in the shops? Are you going crazy with pre-orders, delays and missed deliveries? Unfortunately, you are...

Wing Skate

Equipment and tips to get started

Wing skateboarding is a new and super fun way to surf the asphalt using the traction of a wing surfing wing.  In reality, the Wing is by now not an absolute novelty, and was not created for use on...

Hydrofoil in aluminum and galvanic corrosion

What you need to know to avoid throwing away your newly bought foil.

Compared to full carbon hydrofoils, aluminum hydrofoils have the undeniable advantage of a much cheaper price. On the other hand, they also have some negative aspects that it is good to know BEFORE buying,...

9 Questions and Answers on Wingsurfing

To choose the right equipment and learn without stress

1) Better a wing foil with handles or bar? This is one of the first questions that everyone asks me because most of the wing foil wings on the market are with handles, but there is one brand in particular...

Wingsurf: what you need to know to learn right

Tips and the right equipment to not waste time.


WingSurfing course

Here's how our course went

In recent months we have had the opportunity to try wingsurfing more than once, and we have done it both as self-taught and by attending a wing surf course during our trip to Lanzarote in December, where...

Wing Surf getting started

10 wing surfing questions and answers

Would you like to try wing surfing but don't know where to start? Here are the 10 basic things to know if you want to get closer to wingsurfing. 1 - CAN WINGSURF PRACTICE ANYONE? Yes, absolutely. Wingsurfing...

Wingsurfing: 5 questions and answers

Conditions, range, table selection and other doubts

Wing surfing is this new discipline that is literally exploding. Many brands that already produce kitesurf sails are proponents their wing wings and the curious who want to try are more and more. Wingsurfing...

Wing Surfing

What it is and how it works

The Wing (also called kitewing or Wingfoil) is a wing halfway between a Windsurf sail and a hang glider sail. There are many variations and in reality it is not an absolute novelty in recent months, indeed...