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5 gifts for those who surf

Gift ideas for boyfriends and friends

5 gifts for those who surf

Gift ideas for boyfriends and friends

If you are reading this article you probably have a partner or friend who surfs or kitesurf and are looking for some gift ideas for Christmas at the last moment. If your budget is substantial, I do not recommend buying a surfboard, unless you know exactly the required volume and do not have a clear idea of ??List them in order of price: from the least expensive gift to the most challenging one.

No. 5 Wild Days Book . A life on the waves

In fifth position a book: Wild Days. A life on the bestseller waves that won the pulitzer prize in 2016. If you think giving a book is trivial, try reading a few lines. Finnegan manages as few as possible to explain that desire in every surfer, to always explore new waves, to seek perfection, to pursue his dreams to the other end of the world. This is a book that I also recommend to any surfer's boyfriends ... especially to those who just don't understand why getting up at dawn in the middle of winter to go and find a wave. it_IT

No. 4 surf map

In the fourth position the mythical  surf Planisphere : an illustrated map of the main surf spots on the planet with temperatures and the best time. The planisphere is very well done, with beautiful designs, and is also large enough to make a good figure since it is about 1 meter x 60cm. A simply perfect gift for any self-respecting surfer. 21 & linkID 49f2335d05a1bffb582b1ed738b432b3 = & language = en_US

No. 3 Mystic Poncho for the gearbox 

In third place is the essential accessory for every surfer: the poncho to change and dry after surfing. Since this is a gift, I chose a super cool: the  Mystic Poncho red Changing Robe . 0171-4b17-9b3f-b4036a90f75d & pf_rd_r = JBSWECTN3382SMWBJC7X & psc = 1 & refRID = JBSWECTN3382SMWBJC7X & linkCode = sl1 & tag = tabularasatea-21 & linkID = 61272dc8f5676ff90627ec2b94238112 & language = en_US

No. 2  Dakine trolley

In second place is a travel trolley. Bags and travel bags for transporting equipment are always useful, but also a cheaper cabin trolley, in the sizes allowed also by ryanair can be a perfect gift, and those of the Dakite are in my opinion among the most beautiful. Take a look at this:  Dakine Carry On Roller, Unisex Travel Bag 0171-4b17-9b3f-b4036a90f75d & pf_rd_r = 43G9PFGNNM6TJYGRWDB8 & refRID = 43G9PFGNNM6TJYGRWDB8 & th = 1 & psc = 1 & linkCode = sl1 & tag = tabularasatea-21 & linkID = f8562c8ff54a52b460c76a909124906d & language = en_US

N.1 GPS Watch with Maree Rip Curl

In the ranking could not miss a watch with indication of the tides, certainly practically useless in our country, but absolutely essential abroad almost everywhere. I chose a rip curl SMART watch that in addition to having tide calculations has a GPS to track sessions with information such as the length of the surf wave. The information collected is then displayed via the app on the smartphone.  Rip Curl Search GPS Smart Surf Watch BLACK


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