Surfboard Pod Mod 5.10 X-Lite by Torq Surfboard

Features and impressions of an intermediate surfer

The Pod Mod is one of Channel Island's best-selling and best-selling surfboards. A board inspired by its previous version, which almost 20 years ago helped revolutionize the world of shorboards, and which was designed to be surfed shorter and wider than the usual short. A board created to meet the needs of experienced surfers looking for a little more volume forward, without sacrificing performance. So lots of volume under the nose, a wide tail to catch even the smallest waves, a concave V to make rail to rail transitions faster.

The Channel Island Pod Mod is a board that an experienced surfer should choose in a size up to 6 inches shorter than his usual performance board and that excels in wave conditions up to about head.

But the Channel Island Pod Mod has always been a board loved not only by experienced surfers, but also by intermediate surfers looking for a board that helps them progress and have fun in less than optimal conditions. Precisely to address these surfers, Channel Island has been collaborating with Torq surfboards since 2017 to produce their own Pod Mod with Torq's X-Lite technology in three sizes: 5.6, 5.10, 6.2 which obviously are not aimed only at pro - surfers but for " everyday surfers "as Torq says or better still to the" Sunday surfers "of the Mediterranean as we say.

There are already hundreds of reviews of such a famous surfboard. And therefore you may wonder why we felt the need to have our say. The reason is that all the reviews we find around are made by experienced surfers who use the Pod Mod in sizes 5.2 to 5.4 as a super handy toy to have fun when conditions are not so perfect for their usual performance board. If you are this type of surfer I recommend you take a look at Noel Salas' review for example.

If, on the other hand, you are any intermediate "Sunday surfer" who is considering buying a Pod Mod and wants to understand if it can be a surfboard suitable for his level, then perhaps this review of ours can help you understand it ... or at least I hope!

Torq X-Lite tecnology

The X-Lite technology with which the Pod Mod is made is a construction with epoxy resin that is characterized by the excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Boards built with X-Lite technology are even lighter and stronger than an epoxy board. Furthermore, an aspect not to be underestimated, this type of construction has a lower environmental impact than traditional construction.

It all starts with the CAD file. Then the EPS micro-bubble core is blown into the aluminum mold to create the Blank which thus comes out of the already perfect mold, without the need to be filed and shaped as it normally happens for surfboards. At this point the Blank is laminated with fiber and epoxy resin. Then the boxes are inserted. 5 boxes to be exact. At this point the sheets for the top and bottom graphics are inserted and the table is pressed into another mold. Finally the finish is sprayed and the board is finally ready.

X-Lite technology is not only an extremely advanced technology, where each phase is automated and computer-guided, but it is also a more sustainable technology for the environment as the entire production process is optimized to eliminate any waste and to recycle any waste.

Torq Pod Mod 5.10 features

The Pod Mod we surfed for several weeks was 5.10. The measurements are the same as the Channel Island Pod Mod, of course.

5'10 x 20 7/8 "x 2 5/8" Volume: 35.7 liters

The Pod Mod has 5 boxes, so you can choose whether to use it thruster or quad.

In the hands the board feels light and solid. I will just tell you that we have been using it for several months and in the end there was no trace or mark on the board. No bumps, no scratches. Nothing. Exactly like new.

After all, the beauty of the Torq is just that. They are resistant, solid surfboards, made for surfers who don't want to worry about the board, as well as for themselves, during a bad wipe out.

But let's get to what the table is like in the water.

Of course 35.7 liters can be few or many, it depends on your weight and level. We tell you our feelings.

Sergio 65kg intermediate level. Usual 28-29 liter surfboard

I used this Pod Mod when the sea was too small or limp for my usual board. The Pod Mod starts early and once on its feet it manages to maintain a good speed and accelerate easily with rail to rail. I was able to enjoy myself even in really extreme conditions with waves that barely reached the knee. The X-Lite construction feels in the water and makes the board feel even more voluminous than it is. Despite the large volume this Pod Mod remains very handy and fun.
In slightly more consistent waves it remains very easy to control despite the large volume.

In my case, almost 36 liters is a lot. I had the opportunity to use a 5.3 pod mod in Lanzarote that is closer to my board volume, but as a board for summer and fluffy waves it is okay to abound with size and the beauty is that the board remains a lot of fun.

Vale 60kg for beginner-intermediate level. Usual 40 liter surfboard

I chose the Pod Mod because I was looking for a board to try something different and a little shorter than my usual minimalibu. The idea was to try something more like a tablet, clearly without exaggerating.

The Pod Mod is a board that immediately puts you at ease. Easy and fast rowing. Immediately transmits a good feeling of great stability and confidence. The start on the wave, despite the fewer liters, is not too tiring and indeed the board starts very well even on the lightest waves and is easy to maneuver and immediately put on the wall.


TORQ's pod mod has 5 boxes, so it has the option to be used trusther or quad. We mainly used it quads.
In the quad test we found that the board does not lose in agility in the execution of the maneuvers and at the same time it gains more speed on small waves. In addition, the board is even more stable and we have not noticed any particular disadvantages compared to using it thruster.

Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to try it twin but in hindsight we regretted it because we think it could have worked very well even so ... definitely to try next time!


The TORQ Pod Mod is a great board intended for a wide audience and not only for the super pro who wants a board to have fun with small sea.

Speed, fluidity and tablet performance but with the plus of great stability. The Pod Mod is a board that can be used in a very wide range of conditions, including active seas.

The TORQ pod mod is the right choice for those looking for a one-quiver board to take with them on their holidays and for those looking for an everyday board that allows them to take many waves even with small sea. A board that a surfer who is little more than a beginner can safely use while having fun and that nevertheless will not tire him when his level has improved even a lot ...

The choice of size and volume greater than the liters one is accustomed to does not lose the characteristics of this board and indeed helps to take more waves. In fact, for an expert level it is advisable to stay on the usual volume or a little more, and therefore opt for very very short measures. In the case of a surfer from little more than beginner to advanced intermediate our advice is not to be afraid to abound. A few liters more does not make you lose maneuverability but helps where technique or training do not arrive.

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