• Carbonifera [Toscana]
  • Carbonifera, i bungalow dietro la spiaggia ottimi per cambiarsi in inverno
  • Carbonifera vista della spiaggia
  • Carbonifera vista della spiaggia



South Tuscany kitesurf spot

Carbonifera is the spot adjacent to Perelli.
Both located in the Gulf of Piombino, they have many things in common: from shallow waters to the winds with which they work. It is important to point out that with the name Carbonifera it is possible to refer to two different spots, one next to the other, which are indicated with Carboniferous 1 and 2.
Carboniferous 1, the first one where you come across is characterized by small bungalows behind of the beach, excellent for changing in the shelter from the wind in winter and folding the sails.
Carbonifera 2 has a bar-restaurant on its side. 

In summer, when the beach is crowded it is not very practicable. It is a spot that works mainly in autumn-winter and spring with sirocco or grecale winds. It can offer extraordinary days with disturbances that generate winds from the east and waves formed from the south up to two meters. In particular it is the only spot in Tuscany that can be practiced with winds from the East / South-East.

SERVICES: parking lots, equipped beach, restaurant - bar (the latter only in carboniferous 2).

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the Aurelia SS1 Livorno-Grosseto variant, near Venturina, follow the direction Piombino - Isola D'Elba continue on SS398 - via Val di Cornia, continue on SP23bis - via della Base Geodetica, in Fiorentina continue on SP23 direction Gagno, in the Gagno locality take the seafront to get to the spot.

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