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Castiglione della Pescaia

Going along the main road that, flanking the beach, leads from Castiglione to Marina di Grosseto, various spots are encountered including in the order from north to south: km 26 (surfrelax) - km 26.6 - km 28 - Km 31 Kite Angels - Fiumara KiteBeach. In summer, pay attention to the regulations in force because some commercials may be closed.


sandy, wide, without danger and with the beautiful pine forest behind.


the water slopes gently, remaining low for several meters, and the waves remain practicable with most of the winds. A little chop is the norm anyway.


good winds all those of the western quadrant, off shore those coming from the east. Everybody goes well, with a prevalence of mistral winds, which in summer are strengthened by the heat (to easily reach 15 - 20 knots). This makes Castiglione one of the Tuscan spots with the greatest probability of wind in the summer


Pay attention to the regulations in force, especially in the summer. helmet and jacket are normally mandatory. ATTENTION to parking ... do not park on the bike path or where it is not allowed because the fines are high !!! Also be careful not to leave valuables in the car because thefts are frequent.

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