Colico - Como lake

kitesurfing spot pratone

Colico is a holiday resort with good accommodation facilities and is very popular during the summer season. It is located on the eastern shore of the Alto Lario, dominated to the south by the grandeur of Mount Legnone.
Colico has hosted the Italian stage of the Kitesurfing World Cup since 2006. 
The main spot in Colico, in the pratone area, is a fantastic spot suitable for beginners too thanks to its size and shallow water. The only problem here is the overcrowding in the summer. Very beautiful the landscape lake and mountains an exceptional contrast. There are various infrastructures such as Bar, Pizzeria, Ice Cream Shop and Surf Shop. 

How to get 

From Milan in north direction take the freeway 36 exit Piona - Colico follow the signs for Colico.


A large lawn that slopes down to the lake. The shore is formed by pebbles. Many services including parking, bar, pizzeria, school and kitesurf equipment rental. The kite area is the one south of the Inganna stream


In Colico you go out with a thermal wind from April to late October, during the day the "Breva" thermal rises towards noon and sometimes stays until evening. 
The situation changes when the wind comes from the north because it becomes very gusty. Generally the conditions are of flat water or chop, but occasionally, with north wind, you can also have half a meter of wave.


Especially in summer the spot is very crowded so it is essential to respect the priorities.
Always remake the bar to optimize ground clearance.
Respect windsurfing area and kite area

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