Dahab kite lagoon

kitesurfing in Egypt

It all started with a chat at the bar, with a friend, a kitesurf instructor for several years.

Between a glass and another, between the description of a trick, beaches, coral reefs and wind conditions, captured by his passionate story, one fine morning I decided to leave and visit him at Happy Kite, the school where he works Dahab in Egypt.

Bewitched by table sports, kitesurfing with its aerial evolutions had always attracted me but I had not yet had the opportunity to try. This seemed to be the right time!

As soon as I arrived at the kite station, this magnificent lagoon opened up before me, wide with shallow, crystalline water which, thanks to the shining sun of Egypt, gives it all the colors of blue. Around a beach of intense ocher sand that marks a turquoise sky. Perfectly tuned into the landscape is the Happy Kite station right on the beach, which thanks to its wooden structure, gives it a harmonious color with the natural environment. In addition to the usual comforts (compressor, showers, wi-fi etc ..) are its colored carpets and cushions that create a cozy corner. Here you can relax between one outing and another but it also turns out to be a great point of exchange between the riders for advice and information.

The lagoon is ideal for both beginners who feel totally at ease in shallow waters (especially if you happen to lose the board after yet another attempt at water start -.-), and for the more experienced who can try their hand at jumps and stunts. If then you should feel a little tight in the lagoon, just go out and in the blink of an eye, here is the open sea that awaits you. Shoot down this flat water and see only 2 colors around you, red of the beach and blue of the water, from an incredible emotion that leaves you breathless.

The wind here is not a problem, every day there are ideal conditions to go out and have fun. On average it is between 18 and 25 knots that make the riders' wings spread.

Another important aspect is the temperature. Here we are in Egypt more than perfect temperature even in full "winter". The water is real it starts to cool but with a wetsuit you will solve all your problems and by calling home in Italy, you will find yourself saying: "Ah yes, mom?!? It rains and there are 5 ° C ?? well here I am on the beach in costume and degrees that are as many as 28! ".

I can confess to you that my 2-week vacation turned into something more lasting.

 If you don't know where to spend this Christmas vacation, or any other time of year of course, a cheap flight to Egypt is there waiting for you!

Greetings from my corner of paradise, the golden Dahab.

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