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Jericoacoara is a municipality in Brazil in the State of Ceará, located about 300 kilometers from the capital Fortaleza. Its beach is universally recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. Jericoacoara is located within a natural park and the white beach and the pristine sea make it the ideal place for a holiday.

Geographical features: Jericoacoara is one of the best "spot de velejo" in Ceará and perhaps in Brazil. Fortaleza is already known for a place with a lot of wind because it receives the trade winds that blow from the African continent but Jericoacoara really stands out. In the Jericoacoara region the coast is peninsular and parallel to the equator, in the "east> west" direction "And also parallel to the direction of the trade winds that then pass through Jericoacoara with all their strength as they do not meet the natural obstacle of the continent as for most of the coasts.

In the area of ??

Preá beach is considered one of the best places in the world for kite and wind surfing. And not only because of its proximity to another location known as a destination for sailors: Jericoacoara. The beach of Preá has even better wind conditions than Jericoacoara. The winds are more constant, reaching an average of 25 Knots between July and December (with various days of 40 Knots) and a slightly lower average in the other months of the year. Its "side on shore" direction (lateral from the sea to the land) is ideal for kite-surfers and for those who are starting windsurfing.
In the sea the condition is flat water or chop. To find less chop you can go out at low tide.

Where to sleep:

Rancho do Peixe  is probably the most known and appreciated solution in the area, but there are other pousadas.

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