Kitesurfing in Italy: the best destinations

For summer holidays 2020

This summer will be more than any other summer of holidays in Italy. We have now understood this! So why not take the opportunity to explore the kitesurfing spots of our peninsula far and wide? And maybe even those of our two fantastic islands? 

Here is a list of the best kitesurfing spots in Italy that have in common, in addition to a good chance of finding wind in the summer, the beauty of the place, the possibility of finding equipped beaches and where kitesurfing is allowed and maybe some extra comforts for the whole family to enjoy not only a nice kitetrip but also a fantastic holiday. 

Ah the order is more or less random ... it is not a ranking!

Sicilia: Stagnone e non solo

The largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean, a surprising land rich in history and traditions, art and culture, breathtaking beauty and yes, of course also wind ... because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post! In Sicily you can easily reconcile a holiday dedicated to kitesurfing with the needs of the whole family or simply alternate your gliding with the exploration of unique places and, why not, the discovery of flavors that will conquer you.

If I say Sicily, anyone who kitesurf responds to Stagnone . The immense lagoon of the stagnone that extends between Trapani and Marsala, with its flat and shallow water is the dream of every beginner but also of freestylers who come here specifically to train.

Kitesurfing among the windmills and the Saline dello Stagnone, on the very blue waters of the homonymous protected area is an experience that every Italian kiter should do at least once, and this could be just the right summer!

In the summer, the thermal wind, which can reach 20 knots, predominates.
At the Stagnone you go out in various spots and there are many excellent schools.

Do you want to travel light and rent equipment on site? Nothing could be easier, just agree with a school.
In addition, by August 18 you can also join Luca's group for a truly perfect kitetrip, where the only concern will be to raise the sail and have fun! You still have time to reach them on site and enjoy all the assistance for kitesurfing and logistics! Contact us to find out more

Here is a nice webcam to get an idea of ??On the spot there are a couple of kitesurfing schools and all services (for a fee): bar, shower, sun beds and umbrellas, rescue boat.


Torre di Gaffe is located between Licata and Gela, on the southern coast of Sicily. It is a sandy spot that enjoys winds such as the sirocco, the west, the mistral but above all the thermal in the summer period which enters with a fair frequency and strength.


Sardegna: Punta Trettu, Porto Pollo, la Caletta...

Sardinia is another of the best destinations for kitesurfing and for those who, in addition to the wind, are looking for a land to explore, rich in history, culture and flavors. In this, Sardinia is really playing on a par with Sicily. Each of the two has breathtaking natural scenery, excellent wind statistics even in summer, equipped beaches suitable for kitesurfing with top-level schools. In addition, on both islands you will never remain without doing anything, even in flat moments because here the possibilities for recreation are certainly not lacking, not to mention good food.

Where to go for a kitesurf holiday in Sardinia? There is no shortage of options and you can choose between different possibilities.


For some years Punta Trettu, facing the peninsula of Sant'Antioco, in the south-west of Sardinia, has established itself as a renowned kitesurf center in southern Sardinia. 

Punta Trettu is an excellent spot to learn kitesurfing as beginners can benefit from a very shallow seabed and very flat water ... conditions that make it ideal even for expert freestylers. The spot is very well exposed and all the winds of the western quadrant enter here. In summer, in particular, the spot is subject to thermals which reinforce the mistral winds allowing it to easily reach 20 knots. 

Here are the windy wind statistics, to give you an idea of ??<??




Porto Pollo is perhaps the best known spot located in the north of Sardinia, between Palau and Santa Teresa. Two bays separated by a strip of sand, windsurfers upwind and kitesurfers downwind. Crystal clear water, white beach, the scent of Mediterranean scrub in the air. 

Here the wind that is channeled into the Bonifacio mouth often blows at 30 knots or more and with a frequency from Brazilian spots. Even in summer, when in most of the Mediterranean there is little more than a light breeze, here it happens to sail with 20 knots.

The only problem with Porto Pollo is that in summer the spot is usually too crowded. Hundreds and hundreds of sails and dozens and dozens of schools can make it not very liveable in the months of July and August ... this normally, but this year we all know how it went and we know that foreigners, normally very present in this spot, they are almost completely absent. Which is why it could be the right year to enjoy it even in the height of summer! Worth a try.


However, in case you are looking for slightly less frequented spots, you can always take advantage of beautiful spots that can be reached in a few minutes by car from Porto Pollo such as Marina delle Rose, a beautiful spot with waves!

LA CALETTA (Siniscola)

For those who choose central eastern Sardinia, we recommend the fantastic beach of Caletta. A strip of white sand of over 4 km that overlooks a tropical colored water. Excellent with the winds of the east side from north to sirocco.



Toscana: Castiglione della Pescaia

Do you prefer to stay on the peninsula? Do you have a few days available, maybe just a weekend? You don't need to go far to kitesurf in a postcard setting. In Tuscany there are really many spots, many of which with excellent wind probabilities even in summer, thanks to the thermal reinforcement.

They range from the suggestive (but alas very polluted) white beaches of Rosignano Solvay, to the bay of Talamone with all the beaches that we find in between! And in addition to the beaches between small villages, cities of art and restaurants of all kinds, you will be spoiled for choice. Not to mention all the other sports you can dedicate yourself to, from mountain biking to climbing, from paragliding to surfing, and then the spas for relaxation ... it is really impossible to list all the possibilities.


Castiglione della Pescaia is one of the best options for a holiday, especially if you are traveling with your family or with non-kiters companions. Here the beach is beautiful and in many ways wild, bordered by a luxuriant pine forest and overlooking a very clear sea.
The predominant wind in summer is the mistral which is reinforced by the thermal more than in any other Tuscan spot. If the forecast is for a north-westerly wind, even weak, you can be almost sure of gliding.

Here in reality there is not just one spot, but several spots along the endless beach that from the town of Castiglione della Pescaia reaches Marina di Grosseto. And there are also kitesurfing schools, all of great experience and excellent level. You don't know how to kitesurf yet but would you like to learn here? Or do you want to rent the equipment on site? Contact 

In addition, the village of Castiglione della Pescaia is very nice and lively in the evening.


PUGLIA: Vieste e il Gargano

In Puglia we have chosen the area of ??Along the stretch of coast that goes from Vieste to Peschici there is the beach of Scialmarino, also called "long beach" which is probably the most famous bay for kitesurfing in Puglia.
The Spiaggia Lunga is also perfect for beginners thanks to the sandy and shallow seabed. The Spiaggia Lunga spot works with both the Mistral and the Scirocco.
Those looking for waves should keep an eye on Capo Vieste where the north wind raises beautiful surfable waves.


Alternatively, for those who prefer the Lecce - Gallipoli area, there is the beautiful spot of Torre Mozza, (Porto Cesareo in summer is not practicable). And always in the same area there is one of the best wave spots in the area: Frassanito ... keep an eye on the swells arriving, because if you are lucky and you find the right conditions the place deserves !.

CALABRIA: da Steccato di Cutro a Gizzeria

Calabria is a destination full of possibilities for those looking for a holiday dedicated to kitesurfing. The possibilities there is no shortage of kitesurfing in Calabria, as well as attractions in the hinterland starting from the Sila park.


The Gulf of Squillace between Botricello and Steccato di Cutro is considered one of the most beautiful spots in Italy for Kitesurfing. Here it is the wild nature that reigns supreme. Great white sand beaches, clear water and strong winds most of the year. This in winter is an excellent wave spot that works well with winds from the south / west, south and west. In the summer there are thermal winds and occasionally some nice disturbances can raise some nice waves.

Beyond kitesurfing, there is no shortage of things to see and do here. You are a stone's throw from the splendid  protected marine area of ??The spot also works with the winds of the southern quadrant which are a bit gusty

Gizzeria lido is located in a huge C-shaped bay, so somewhere you always go out with the wind on! Shallow water, very wide beaches of fine sand or small pebbles, without dangers for kitesurfing.

On the spot there are various organized kitesurf centers that offer courses, rental, storage and dinghy for any recovery.

For the more hard-core (and experienced) we recommend trying Punta Pellaro at least once . Here the thermal is channeled into the Messina Strait and easily reaches 30 knots. In the strait the currents are very strong, like a river in flood, the seabed is deep and black and in addition you have to pay attention to the large ships that cross continuously. But the thrill of sailing in front of Sicily, in a beautiful strait is breathtaking!

LAGO DI GARDA E LAGO DI COMO: Malcesine e Colico

Do you prefer the lake to the sea? Are you a mountain lover and kitesurfing alone is not enough for you? Do you want a destination where, even in the absence of wind, you want to be sure not to stay under an umbrella? Lake Garda and Lake Como are a multi-sport outdoor gym. Trekking, mtb, running, paragliding and of course kitesurfing, wakeboarding and every new game that comes to mind!

MALCESINE (Lake Garda)

Malcesine is the main kitesurf spot on Lake Garda. The home spot for those coming from Milan or Brescia, but also very popular with those coming from further afield thanks to the breathtaking beauty of the mountains that are reflected in the waters of the lake, the villages, and of course the endless possibilities to enjoy an active holiday.

Lake Garda has always been one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Italy. Here the wind is extremely regular and predictable: in the morning the Pelèr blows, a strong north wind. In the afternoon, Ora, a more regular wind that blows from the south and expires at sunset. 

But the beauty here is that it's normal to experience a multi-sport day: kitesurfing in the morning with the north wind, walking in the woods in the afternoon and paragliding in the evening.

In Malcesine you usually go out at the Navene beach (Tunnel), 5 km north of Malcesine. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the lift services offered by the various local schools.

Attention: In order to go out from the beach and use the services, you need to register with the local club 


COLICO (Lake Como)

Unique views, colorful villages, mountains full of paths to follow, parks and Italian gardens, lakeside walks and, of course, a stretch of water beaten by regular, frequent and predictable winds. On Lake Como there are more than one spots but the most practicable in summer is Colico.

And as with Lake Garda, the beauty here is that you can enjoy a sporting holiday with trekking, mountain biking, paragliding and any other outdoor activity that comes to mind!



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