kitesurfing Spot Pratone Paré

Valmadrera  is located practically in front of the center of lecco, on the opposite bank, in the place called Pratone del Parè . It is an embankment with a beautiful lawn and an access and exit from the water that require millimeter precision. Because of this and the fact that the sub wind is often gusty, it is not a beginner's spot.
Valmadrera is one of the most popular spots on Lake Como that offers quality morning outings to freestyle lovers.
Impossible to remain indifferent to the evocative spectacle that you can enjoy surfing at dawn: the sunrise on the lakeside promenade of Lecco .... really beautiful!
We were talking about the show at dawn because in Valmadrera we leave early in the morning. The characteristic wind of this spot tends to blow from before dawn until about 9 am. Perfect for a session before going to work in Milan!

In 2016, some redevelopment works were carried out at the Parè farm, now entry and exit from the water is easier than the stairs that were used until 2017 because a ramp was created for access of kitesurfing (opened in May 2017).

How to get 

To reach the spot, from Valmadrera, take the provincial road leading to Bellagio, and, before entering the tunnel, take the small road to the right, which runs along the lake


The spot is basically an embankment and now you can access the lake from the kitesurf ramp. Once in the water it is not permissible to delay: you have to leave immediately ... downwind there is a small hill that makes turbulence .. and if you end up out there it is tiring.
ATTENTION: in case the wind finishes, or for some reason you miss the return ladder, you arrive in the center of lecco ... at the famous newsstand! downwind ... precision must be absolute!


Tivano from NNW with intensity of 15-18 knots, usually at dawn: from 05.00 to 09.00
Valmadrera is a spot that works with winds from the north: tivano early in the morning, or the foehn that can leave, if there are conditions, at any time of the day.


SPOT for expert kiters
IMPERATIVE: ASK FOR LOCAL INFO .... they are fundamental !!!!
The priorities must be respected (attention to windsurfing and boats).
Windward is the area reserved for windsurfing.
Never keep the kite at the zenith: the gusts on the shore are strong. It is advisable to move away from the shore in body drag.


Autore: Vale

Ho incontrato il kitesurf nel 2002 ed è subito stato amore. Qualche anno dopo mi sono avvicinata anche al surf. Quando sono in acqua sono felice e se sei su questo sito probabilmente sai già di cosa sto parlando. Ci vediamo in acqua.