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Spiagge bianche, Rosignano Solvay, Toscana

Spot spiagge bianche

Beautiful, is not it?!? Kilometer beach of a dazzling white, clear sea, very clear, practically white. Maldives? Bora Bora? No, no, much closer ... Greece? Sardinia? But no, I said MUCH closer: ROSIGNANO SOLVAY Here you guys, this is our kitesurf spot: sea and beach bleached by Solvay's baking soda ... at least the sea water you drink, you digest it for sure! However, apart from pollution here are the characteristics of this very popular spot for those who practice kitesurfing.


Sandy and very wide. Mostly it is free from the beach establishments. In winter it is possible to go out everywhere and in general you go out in front of the Lillatro plant. In summer the kiters can go out to the areas where bathing is prohibited near the Solvay discharge channel or near the mouth of the river further south of the bay, near the windsurfing area. If there are exit channels for kitesurfing you can use them. 


The water degrades gently, remaining low for several meters thus favoring both beginners and freestyle enthusiasts. The waves generally form at a certain distance from the shore. A very popular wave is that of the Sabbione, right in front of the lilac, where in the absence of wind there is also surfing. The best wave conditions are with libeccio and mistral. Even the west lifts waves from the wind but they are less surfabili because of the direction. Attention below the rocks (many are not real rocks but Solvay waste material which is therefore even more dangerous because it is not always in the same position.


Good all those of the western quadrant, off shore those coming from the east. Everybody goes well, with a prevalence of mistral winds in summer (reinforced by thermal) and libeccio in autumn and winter ... The west also forms a beautiful wave, but the top for the waves are the mistral days following the libeccio.


In winter you can go anywhere.
During the bathing season, follow the provisions of the harbor master's office and use exit channels or bathing areas to reach at least 200 meters from the shore. Stay out to navigate. Compulsory helmet and jacket.

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