The 10 best kitesurf sails for beginners

The 2019 models compared: features, prices and opinions

If you're looking around to buy your first kitesurf sail you'll probably be confused already ... A lot of technical terms, dozens of models and brands to disentangle, not to mention the announcements in the markets. A jungle! Even if you're not a beginner, changing your outdated kitesurf for something more fun may not be so simple. 
What are the features to consider when buying the first kitesurf sail? What features should a beginner or intermediate kite have?

Here is a brief guide to give you a minimum of basic information so you can get around a little better in your search, followed by the list of 10 kitesurf sails that you can consider to be on the safe side.

Let's start by saying that a sail for beginners and intermediates should be an all-round model, versatile and able to adapt to different disciplines. This means a comfortable kite in gait, freeride, easy and permissive in jumps, freestyle and which also allows you to get close to sailing with a surf.

1. Security

Needless to say, safety should be the first concern when choosing a kite. All modern kitesurf wings have quick release systems (quick release) and very efficient depower systems. However, check the operation of the bar and the system you are about to buy because some may be more instinctive than others, even just for the habit. Some bars, for example, have their depower settings down (which I don't like because they are not used to finding it there, but others prefer it that way). Same thing for the Quick release that in some bars is activated by rotating. Personally, I find the systems that release themselves more immediate by pushing forward.

2. Wind Range

A very wide wind range is important not only because it allows you to increase your chances of exit by decreasing the number of sails that you need, but also because in case the wind rises while you are at sea, it gives you more room to get back in full. tranquility.

3. Stability

One of the qualities most appreciated by beginners is the stability of the kite in the air. A stable kite does not fall for any of your mistakes or wind holes ... and this is definitely a nice advantage

4. Ease of relaunching from the water

Even the most stable kite sometimes falls and when it happens you will want to have a kite that can be raised easily, simply by pulling the bar to one side.

5. Solidity

Solidity, durability and quality of materials are difficult to assess for beginners. Generally speaking, the simplest systems are often the most suitable for those starting out because they need less maintenance and are also easier to fix. For this bars with click adjustment systems, kites made with ultra-light and super-performing materials are all things more suitable for more experienced kiters.

6. Price

A tip that is often given to beginners and that I can share is not to spend too much on the very first equipment. On the other hand, however, it is also important to buy a kite that is suitable for your needs, not too old and that does not get in the way of progression ... because the right equipment can really make learning much easier than you think.
If you don't want to give up the best equipment, but with an eye on your wallet, a great idea is to buy a new kite model but at the end of the season, when for example it is coming out or the new model has just come out, or if you find it you can choose a kite test from a trusted store. Kite tests are a bit like display products: generally they have been used sometimes, but they are still perfect and under warranty. In both cases you will save a lot without giving up anything!

10 all-around kites for beginners and intermediates

Here is our list of 10 models with the best features for beginners and intermediates. In our ranking you will find the best kite models that fully satisfy the needs of most riders, even good but who don't go out as much as they would like and when they are in the water they want a kite that allows them to do a little of everything ...

1. F-One Bandit

The Bandit has been one of the most appreciated sails for its versatility and its ability to satisfy the needs of all riders from the beginner to the expert. The Bandit is a 3 strut kite with the distinctive Delta shape (patented) that made it famous. The Bandit is a kite with a pressure on the middle bar, fast, responsive, precise. Stable in the air, with a definite wind range and a good wind. Easy to re-launch in case of falling into the water. The Bandit is powerful enough to entertain in freestyle, but also capable of foiling when needed and with good buoyancy in the air. Essentially a comfortable kite with an immediate feeling that inspires confidence. If you want to know more you can read our Bandit XII 2019 test

Kite Bandit 8 sqm sail only: list price € 1229.00
Barra Fone Linx: € 499.00

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2. Little Goat Moto

The Moto is the most versatile Cabrinha kite sail of the entire range. Compared to the Switchblade which is perhaps one of the most popular models and also chosen by many beginners, the Moto is more reactive, simpler in power management and in general more immediate in feeling. The Moto is a 3 strut kite with moderate Aspect ratio, responsive, fast and with a very efficient profile that amplifies the wind range. A kite dedicated mainly to freeriding but which is also very suitable for surfing and foilboarding. Light on the bar, like other cabrinha kites, precise and rather fast in response to commands, the Moto is a kite that stands out for its stability in the air with a great upwind, always predictable behavior, great depower and handling capacity. gusts.
It is also very easy to relaunch from the water.
All qualities that make it an excellent kite for beginners, although it is also highly appreciated by expert kiters.

List price Moto 8mq only sail: 1349.00 ( see offer price for a test sail here )
Barra Cabrinha Trimlite € 469.00

3. Duotone EVO

The Evo has already been one of Duotone's best-sellers for many years. What makes it one of the most appreciated and sold kites is its manageability and its ability to adapt to all styles and all riders. The EVO is a 3-strut kite with Delta shape created for freeriding, which is characterized by stability in the air, precise power delivery, large wind range.
Among all the kites of the duotone range the Evo is the most versatile one, adapting both to those who love freestyle and the salton that to lovers of waves and surf.
Beginners especially appreciate the ease of relaunching from the water, the great wind range, stability in the air, while the more established riders enjoy their power and their hangtime, synonymous with salt. Even the Neo and the Mono are excellent choices for those who are beginners, but they are a little more oriented to the wave and the foil.

Price list EVO 8sqm only sailing: 1309.00
Barra Trust Bar Quad € 439.00

4. Naish Triad

Easy to control, handy, all-rounder. The Triad is the easiest and most versatile 3 strut kite in the Naish range. A freeride kite with an excellent low end and a very wide wind range with considerable stability even in the gusty wind. Direct sensation on the bar and good rotation speed. The triad is a kite designed to be intuitive and easy to adapt to both beginners and those looking for a kite that you don't have to worry about too much so you can dare a little more and try new maneuvers a little in all disciplines.
Water relaunch is very easy thanks to a tip design that minimizes friction with water.

Kish Naish TRIAD 8sqm sail only: list price 1179
Navigator Bar € 599.00

5. Blade trigger

The Trigger is a well-established model of Blade Kiteboarding, having now reached its eleventh edition. Blade is not one of the most popular brands but it has a good niche of admirers who appreciate the qualities of kites as well as a good quality / price ratio. The Trigger is the most all-around kite in the range: a 3 strut designed for freeriding and progression, which however also stands out for its rotation speed and good hangtime qualities. A very versatile and versatile kite with a moderate bar pressure and prompt and precise response to the controls so as to be fun and permissive even in freestyle. The Trigger stands out for a truly remarkable wind range, especially in the lowend, progressive and always controllable delivery of power, excellent upwind qualities, features that make it suitable also for wave use. The Trigger is a kite that immediately inspires confidence and has an immediate feeling that allows even beginners to find themselves immediately at ease.

Kite TRIGGER 8sqm only sail: list price € 1050.00
Barra Unibar 3 € 499.00

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6. Slingshot Rally

The Rally is an Open C Delta Shape with 3 struts. A kite for all conditions and for all riders that will take you wherever you want. Great wind range and depower, super easy re-launch, great upwind qualities, good stability even in gusts, good hang time and a fair attitude to wave riding. The Rally is definitely the most versatile kite of the slingshot range and is designed to inspire confidence and be manageable and predictable, so as to facilitate you in learning and progression.

List price 8mq Rally only sail: 1199
Compstick Bar Sentinel € 499.00

7. Airush Lithium

The Lithium is an exceptional freeride kite, widely used in schools in the progression version. A 3 strut kite with a hybrid Delta design that translates into handling, comfort and control. What makes it an excellent kite for beginners and freeriders is its truly remarkable wind range with few rivals on the market. Easy and immediate releasability from water, a soft sensation on the bar. Also available without the onepump system (now standard on all kites) in case you want to save something.

List price 8mq Rally only sail: 1265.00
Progression Bar € 400.00


The Vision has been one of the flagships of RRD for 8 years now. A soft and pleasant to drive kite that stands out for its excellent freeride skills. The Vision is a versatile and predictable 3 strut kite born to make life easier for beginners and anyone who wants only one kite to do everything, without limiting themselves to one discipline. The Vision has a really remarkable wind range with excellent low end and hig end. Super quick and easy water relaunch. In practice, a kite for freeriding but also freestyle, big air, wave, hydrofoil and light wind. Vision is good for everything ... except for the wake style!

List price 8mq Rally only sailing: 1129.00
Barra Global V8 € 539.00



A kite, two personalities. The Nexus is a kite designed for riders who don't want to be labeled and want to be able to do everything kitesurfing has to offer with a wing: wave or freestyle. Defining the Nexus as a kite for beginners is at least reductive ... but the Nexus is an exceptional kite, very versatile and capable of being perfect even for novice kiters. The Nexus is a 3 strut kite with moderate AR that stands out for direct and intuitive driving. Thanks to the all-round adjustment, the Nexus slows down its rotation speed and becomes perfect for those who need a kite that is not too reactive but more relaxing. Power delivery is always very progressive, the wind range is very wide and the feeling on the bar is rather soft. Relaunching from the water fast,

List price Nexus 8mq only sail: 1349
Core Sensor Bar 2S € 499.00

10. North kiteboarding Carve

The 2020 novelty is North Kiteboarding which enters the market with a complete range of equipment for everyone. In the range of kitesurf sails the Carve is the wing dedicated to waveriding and freestyle strapless. Nevertheless it also promises to be a multi-purpose kite, easy to manage and suitable for progression thanks to excellent depower qualities, great stability in flight and super easy re-launch.

North CARVE 8 sqm sail only: list price 1309.00
Barra Navigator € 499.00

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